Togo, Africa By Steven Garcia, Joel Anderson, 2021

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Known for its palm-lined beaches and hilltop villages, Togo is a small, West African nation on the Gulf of Guinea. Some of the most notable features of the country include Koutammakou, inhabited by the Batammariba people, a traditional settlement of fortresslike clay huts dating back to the 17th century. In the capital, Lomé, one can find the multistory Grand Marché bazaar and the Fetish Market, offering traditional talismans and remedies relating to the vodun (voodoo) religion. The country is also famous for its ceremonial masks and facial coverings, like the one pictured here. To celebrate the country and its heritage, the artists of Anderson Design Group rendered this classic poster design in the tradition of the Golden Age of Poster Art. This retro-styled artwork will look great as an art print, notecard, postcard, metal sign, canvas, or mini-canvas. It’s an excellent souvenir from your trip to Togo, or a great bucket list reminder of a place you have yet to visit. To learn more about Togo or to make travel plans to visit the country, check out the website for the World Travel Guide.

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