Venezuela: Angel Falls By Steven Garcia, Joel Anderson, 2018

© 2021 Anderson Design Group, Inc. All rights reserved. It is a Federal Copyright offense to reproduce this image without permission.

Officially titled the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, this country is blessed with eye-catching and diverse geography. From Caribbean islands to rivers, lakes, mountains, glaciers, marshes, rain forests, canyons, jungles, and even deserts, Venezuela has it all. Venezuela is home to one of the oldest lakes in the world, and it is also home to some of the most unique and predictable lighting strike patterns in the world. In this vintage travel poster by Anderson Design Group, Venezuela’s national bird, the Troupial, cranes its neck to view the Angel Falls behind it. An excellent gift or souvenir, this handcrafted illustration is available as an art print, canvas banner, framed print, framed postcard, or as a set of notecards or postcards. To learn more about Venezuela, be sure to check out Think Venezuela.

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