2024 Ernest Day Festival (Commemorative Print) By Joel Anderson, 2024

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Hey Vern! You don't want to miss the annual spectacle where all my friends gather to watch my movie (Ernest Goes To Camp), dress up like me, and talk like me, too—KnoWhutIMean? To celebrate this iconic Nashville annual tradition, Anderson Design Group's founder Joel Anderson has created a commemorative poster for die hard fans and collectors to enjoy. (Joel worked on several Ernest movies and won an Emmy Award for his animation work on the CBS kid's Show, Hey, Vern, It's Ernest!, so all of this has a special place in his heart!) This swanky design will display more good taste than "Eggs Erroneous", and can be proudly displayed as a poster, canvas, metal sign, postcard, or note card. It has even been approved as a trendy fashion statement by Auntie Nelda herself!

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