Cornelia Fort By Darren Welch, Joel Anderson, 2006

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Born in 1919, Cornelia Fort was one of the first women aviators to take to the skies in the U.S. And not only that, but Cornelia flew countless missions for the Women’s Auxiliary Ferry Service, an aircraft support service that flew supplies all across the United States to aid the Allied war efforts in World War II. And even though she was not in the military, Cornelia saw action in the attack on Pearl Harbor. She was a flight instructor on the islands at the time, and she got caught up in skirmishes between the Japanese and American forces. The city of Nashville is particularly proud of Cornelia Fort, because this legendary woman was born and raised in Nashville! To commemorate her role in aviation, Anderson Design Group handcrafted vintage poster art of Cornelia and her airplane. To learn more about Cornelia’s story, check out the website for the Lost Aviators of Pearl Harbor.

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