Country Music Hall of Fame By Joel Anderson, 2006

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Welcome to the Country Music Hall of Fame, a true Nashville icon and a must-see for anyone visiting Music City. The Hall is replete with legendary items and memorabilia of country music, as well as special commemorations of each member of the Hall. Induction for the Hall began in 1961, with the first musicians honored being Jimmie Rodgers, Fred Rose, and Hank Williams. Today, thousands of visitors amble among the Hall’s corridors each year, learning about the history of country music and admiring the legends who created and nurtured this art form. Inspired by the Hall, Anderson Design Group rendered a vintage poster of the hall, an excellent keepsake or souvenir for any Nashville visitor. Available as a print, banner, canvas, notecard, or postcard, this artwork looks great on any wall. And to learn more about the country music icons we’ve all come to know and love, check out the website for the Country Music Hall of Fame.

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