Hume Fogg: 100th Anniversary By Andy Gregg, Joel Anderson, 2011

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Founded in 1912, Hume-Fogg Magnet High School has spent the century striving for academic excellence and for a culture of collaboration and cooperation. As one of the oldest public schools in Nashville, Hume-Fogg offers an excellent opportunity for Nashville students and their families to get involved in the community. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Hume-Fogg, Anderson Design Group rendered a vintage poster of the school, a retro-styled illustration of the school in the art styles of early-1900s poster art. Available as a Nashville art print, canvas, banner, metal sign, postcard, or notecard, this artwork serves as a classy alumni-pride piece and home décor item all in one. To read more about Hume-Fogg, check out the website for Metro Nashville Public Schools.

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