Loveless Cafe By Joel Anderson, 2004

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It’s world famous, it’s beloved, and it’s one of Nashville’s top attractions. The Loveless Cafe does not disappoint! A purveyor of fantastic and authentic Southern cuisine since 1951, this cafe has serviced thousands of guests. In fact, the cafe even ran a 14-room motel for some time. It’s best to make a reservation for the cafe, because even though this quaint “ma and pa” establishment is open every day, there is almost always a line out the door. At Anderson Design Group, we love the establishments in Nashville that make Nashville the city that it is. And so, Loveless Cafe absolutely earned a place in our Spirit of Nashville collection. Rendering a vintage travel poster of the cafe’s billboard, this ADG Nashville print looks great as a home decor piece and conversation starter. And to learn more about the cafe or to make your next reservation for a great meal there, visit the website for the Loveless Cafe.

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