Nashville Grammar Chart By Allie Smith, Joel Anderson, 2017

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Moving to Nashville comes with a bit of a learning curve. The truth is, Nashville grammar is a little different than everywhere else. People tend to draw their vowels out a bit, manners and politeness are commonplace, and you have to know the difference between “you,” “y’all,” and, “all y’all.” Luckily, our talented and humorous artists here at Anderson Design Group crafted a handy sign to remind us all what local Nashvillians mean when they say things like “Are all y’all coming over for supper?” Available as a Spirit of Nashville art print, canvas banner, notecard, postcard, metal sign, or framed poster, this artwork looks great as a home decor item AND it's quite helpful for new Nashville residents! To learn more about Nashville and some of the local attractions that newcomers and visitors alike should check out, click on over to the website for Visit Music City.

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