Olive & Sinclair Diver By Joel Anderson, 2010

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Welcome to the best dang chocolate shop in Middle Tennessee. Believe us, we know from personal experience! Located on Fatherland Street in what was once the old H.G. Hill Grocery Store, the Olive & Sinclair factory embodies history and artisan excellence combined into one great chocolate experience. From the antique chocolate preparation machinery to the 200 year old pine beams on the factory ceiling, everything about this factory is enriched in vintage styles and craftsmanship excellence. Lovers of delicatessen chocolate, our artists rendered vintage poster art of our favorite chocolate factory. Available as a print, banner, notecard, postcard, canvas banner, or Spirit of Nashville poster, this artwork is the perfect wall decor for chocolate lovers and vintage art connoisseurs alike. And to learn more about Olive & Sinclair, check out their official website.

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