OverPrint: Music City Woman By Matt Lehman, Joel Anderson, 2013

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Welcome to Nashville, the music capital of the world. This is also Dream City, a magical place where dreams come true and stars are born. Ourselves Nashville natives, Music City holds a special place in our hearts. We’ve watched this city grow and become the mecca of music and the arts that it is today. When we launched the Spirit of Nashville Collection, we did so with the intention of eternalizing the wonder of our town in vintage travel poster art. The result was over 200 retro art posters just like this one. Featuring a lone musician awash in radiant colors and vintage art styles, this vintage poster takes us back to the nostalgia of turn of the century travel art. Available as an art print, canvas banner, notecard, postcard, Nashville print, canvas, or metal sign, this artwork looks great on any wall. To learn more about music events and attractions here in the city, check out Visit Music City.

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