Radnor Lake: Summer By Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson, 2017

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Few places in Nashville offer as much beauty in nature and wildlife as Radnor Lake State Park. Visitors to the park can stroll along paved and board-walked paths, paths that afford excellent views of the lake and its plentiful waterfowl, reptiles, and amphibians. A bustle of activity in the summertime, outdoor enthusiasts young and old can easily spend a day in this park, enjoying all of nature’s bounty right here in Nashville’s backyard. Inspired by the wild nature of a park so close to downtown Nashville, Anderson Design Group handcrafted vintage poster art of the lake and two visitors. An excellent addition to any home’s decor and available as a Nashville art print, banner, notecard, postcard, or metal sign, this artwork makes the perfect conversation starter and centerpiece. To learn more about Radnor Lake and it’s many attractions, visit the website for Radnor Lake State Park.

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