Rutherford County: Oaklands Historic Museum By Aaron Johnson, Sarah Smalley, Joel Anderson, 2015

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What better way to enjoy the beautiful aesthetics and strong cultural history of the South than with a trip to Oaklands Mansion? Once the home of the Maney family, the Oaklands Mansion was a symbol of wealth and prosperity in Middle Tennessee. However, the fortune of the Maney’s was built on land, enslaved people, medicine, retail, and railroads, and when the Civil War took its toll on the South, the Maney’s fell on hard times. Thankfully, the mansion was never condemned or harmed in any way, and it still stands tall and proud to this day. Anderson Design Group crafted vintage poster art of the mansion, styling the artwork after the WPA-commissioned works of the early-20th century. Available as art prints, banners, notecards, and postcards, this artwork is versatile and fitting for any room or decoration style. To learn more about the mansion, visit the website for Oaklands Mansion.

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