Nashville Under Water...

Anderson Design Group and Spirit of Nashville were very blessed to have not been affected by the terrible floods that did so much damage to Music City last weekend. For that we are very grateful. Thanks to all of our out of town clients and friends who have asked how we are doing. We know many people who were not as fortunate—we will be lending a had to help folks clean up the mess this weekend. And over the next few months, we want to help flood victims in two other small ways.

1. If you own a Spirit of Nashville print that was ruined in the flood, you may bring the water-damaged print to our studio and we will replace it for free. (Sorry, we cannot replace the frame, but we will be happy to replace your flood damagedprints between now and June 30th, 2010. Some designs are no longer in print, so we may need to replace an out-of-print design with another design of your choice.) 

2. If you have a friend whose home was flooded, we would like to give them one free print as a house-warming gift, once their home is restored. It may take several months for folks to clean up and get their walls ready for art again. And we realize that art is the last thing on everyone’s mind right now. But a Spirit of Nashville print is a wonderful finishing touch for any home. It’s also a great gift to give to a friend who has been through a hard time. To take advantage on this offer, please bring a photo of your friend’s damaged home. We will give you a free note card & envelope to write an encouraging word for your friend, too. (One free print per customer, please.)

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