New Spirit of Nashville Poster Designs

We just finished the latest additions to the Spirit of Nashville Collection: a new print for WPLN Radio and another for Saint Cecilia Academy. We were happy to create art that will help these two important Nashville icons celebrate milestones of achievement—WPLN’s service to Nashville for over 40 years, and Saint Cecilia Academy’s 150th Anniversary. Both prints were designed by Joel Anderson. The Saint Cecelia print was based on an original painting Joel created specifically for this occasion. The original painting will hang in the school’s lobby. 


People ask how we decide which Nashville icons to feature in our art. Occasionally, we just create designs that feature places or themes we love. Often, Nashville establishments ask us how they can be featured in our Spirit of Nashville Collection. If a business or institution has been a significant part of Nashville’s culture, or if they add to our city’s reputation in a unique, creative way, and if we think the print will be something folks would enjoy hanging in their home or office, we will produce a work of art as a limited edition print run if the establishment agrees to buy 300 of the 500 prints (at the wholesale cost.) This helps to help defray part of the cost of creating the art. To see all the designs in the Spirit of Nashville Collection, visit our site at

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