New Wine Revolution Posters

It’s fun to create a new brand and watch it develop over time. Last year, we started with a logo design for our client the Wine Shoppe. Next, we helped create the look of their web site and store graphics. Then we designed a few ads and even created 5 wine prints to include in our Spirit of Nashville Collection. As the brand evolved, we made sure to keep a lush, rustic, inviting, European vibe in every piece we created.

This year, the owners of the Wine Shoppe wanted to launch a campaign called the Wine Revolution. The goal is to give the common man (or woman) access and knowledge about rare and fine wines from around the world. To create a revolutionary vibe, we designed a series of 3 posters to use during the campaign. They produced very nice video and posted it to their web site to kick off the campaign. The video does a very good job at promoting the brand by featuring brand elements we created—poster art, biz cards, their logo and views of their store interior (which features paint colors we helped them choose.) Click here to see the video.


Above are the 3 Wine Revolution posters we created. We took our visual inspiration from old Communist propaganda posters like the ones below. Then we infused the Wine Shoppe color palette and logo into our designs to tie them into the brand look we’ve established. Folks liked the Wine Revolution prints so much that we decided to print up a few extras to sell. They are available in our Studio Store for $30 each.


Next, we will help the Wine Shoppe incite a Wine Revolution by using our art on a few promotional items such as tote bags, bottle sleeves, or kitchen magnets.

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