Painting the Town Red (and Blue)

A few weeks ago, we got an interesting inquiry from the Community Arts Center in Danville, Kentucky. Danville will be host to one of the upcoming Vice-Presidential debates.

The Community Arts Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating arts opportunities such as art exhibits, community events, and arts education. Their building has multiple galleries for viewing art displays, a Grand Hall for hosting community events, and multiple rooms for classes in dance, drawing, music, and more.

They decided to get involved in the general sprucing-up that has been happening all over Danville in preparation for the Vice Presidential debate in October. One of Danville’s prominent Main Street buildings is currently empty, and they thought of an easy way to improve the look of Main Street—paint the vacant, empty-looking windows with a festive debate-themed design. They found our Political Pimp designs on the internet and contacted us to get permission to use them as inspiration for a series of painted windows.

They used volunteers to wash, tape, and coat the windows in three layers of white paint. Then local artists used stencils of our art to paint a block-long stretch of windows! Over the course of four or five days, they were able to paint the mural while townsfolk looked on and admired. As a token of support for their civic service, Anderson Design Group sent them a set of Political Pimp prints to hang in in the Community Arts Center. After the debates, they will sell the prints and use the proceeds to continue serving the Danville Community via the arts.

The designs that inspired the murals were created by Joel Anderson, founder of Anderson Design Group. Be looking for shots of our art on Main Street windows during the debate coverage on October 10!

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