Show Your True Colors This Season!

With election season heating up, we thought it would be fun to poke a little fun at the whole spectacle. By the time November finally gets here, we are all going to be sick of political news coverage and commercials! So to take the edge off of things and celebrate our great democratic system, we set out to create 2 sets of political prints that will allow folks to show their true colors in style.

The first set of prints was based on an old horror movie poster look. We spoke with the actress that posed in this old photo from the movie “It Came From Outer Space.” (Her name is Kathleen Hughes, and she is a big fan of our work!) Kathleen gave us her blessing to use her face on these posters... although she wouldn’t tell us which one was her favorite!




After spoofing the Attack of the Candidates that seek to steal our votes, we decided to create a pair of mascot posters. Making a bold statement by using only red and blue on an aged paper background, we created simple graphics of a butt-kicking donkey and a head-stomping elephant to serve as iconic mascots for each party. We finished off each poster by touting some of the core party values, and playing up the party colors—red for Republicans and blue for Democrats.

All of these posters are available in our Anderson Design Group Studio Store site under the Vintage Ad Follies Collection. Show your true colors by decorating your home or office with these prints, or buy them as gifts for your favorite hard-core political junkies!

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