Celebrating 10 Years of Keepin' It Local

It all started when we created a promotional calendar that featured 14 illustrated posters of our favorite hometown hot spots. We never dreamed that in 10 years we would have produced a collection of over 150 prints, a full line of gift items, and a coffee table book! Well, here we are a decade later, and it seems like the Spirit of Nashville Collection has plenty of room to keep on growing! Join us in celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Spirit of Nashville Collection! We invite you to drop by the Anderson Design Group Studio Store on Saturday, July 11...

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Wall Decor for Harley-Davidson

We have relationships with some pretty cool companies. One of them is Meissenburg Designs in Montana. They produce amazing wood and metal signs, often featuring art they license from us. Recently, they became Harley Davidson’s 88th licensee, charged with producing a series of officially-licensed wall art. Last Fall, our pals from Meissenburg gave us a quick assignment—come up with as many Harley-Davidson designs as possible in just a few weeks. The new art would be turned into cool wall decor products at an upcoming Harley dealership show. We revved up our engines and started creating. Team Meissenburg created several designs using HD...

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Hauntings of Hermitage

It's the time of the year for Halloween themed posters, and this year we were fortunate to have the opportunity to make one. Our project began when The Hermitage asked us to redesign their logo to reflect their new direction. They wanted to rebrand the site as as Andrew Jackson's Hermitage and make our nation's seventh president more prominent in the name and logo. Located in Middle Tennessee, Andrew Jackson's Hermitage gives tours that tell the story of how 1000 acres changed from frontier forest to Andrew Jackson’s prosperous farm, deteriorated into post-Civil War dilapidation and was finally rescued to...

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J.M. Thomason Spices

It's been a good season for packaging at ADG, pun intended. This particular project we cooked from the ground up starting with the logo. Designers Ligia Teodosiu and Edward Patton came up will several good options.   Ligia finished out the final logo design. The client ended up using two; one main logo that spelled out the full name, and an abbreviated button for use on the front of the packaging.  The packaging ended up being a team effort. Ligia developed the look of the package and the first three flavors, and Aaron developed the illustrations for the remaining flavors...

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Pressers Playing Cards

Last year we were approached by Ellusionist, a company that makes playing cards and instructional videos for magicians. Wanting to branch out with the look of their cards they looked to us to create a vintage deck of cards based in 60s advertising. They were inspired by the hit TV series Madmen and we wanted to give them something that felt at home in that era of design. Illustrator Aaron Johnson always has an ace up his sleeve. His first set of sketches left the client speechless. The card backs probably had the most time devoted while we explored different...

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