Just Moved to Nashville? 3 Ways to Decorate with Vintage Poster Art

Just Moved to Nashville? 3 Ways to Decorate with Vintage Poster Art

Welcome to Nashville! As local "Nashvillians" who've watched this city grow, we've been happy to welcome thousands of new people to Music City each year, to see our town evolve with new faces, new cultures, new people from backgrounds across the world, new traditions and ideas. We've made friends with people from across the country and world as folks have traveled far and wide to make Nashville their home. 

If you just moved here and you're still figuring out how best to decorate your home with wall art, vintage decor, and other "Nashville-esque" designs, we hope you'll take a look at our art collections. As a local print shop and art gallery in business since 1993, we create affordable vintage art prints, over 2,000 original illustrations, art deco designs, vintage travel art, National Park art, as well as coffee table books, jigsaw puzzles, coloring books, and more.

Read on to find out how you can decorate your new Nashville abode with ADG art!

The Iconic Vintage Art Print

A home decorated in vintage poster art embodies class and good taste, and with over 2,000 designs across 29 collections to choose from, you're sure to find original art you enjoy. Some may be illustrations that remind you of a special trip you took with the family; others may be depictions of a place you'd like to travel to or a style that fits perfectly with a room's mock-up or desired ambiance. 

Vintage poster art and retro prints are affordable too, allowing you to decorate an entire home on a budget. ADG prints are available in various sizes, from 8x10 inches to 46x48 inches. You can choose to order your prints pre-framed, with three framing styles available. Choose from over two dozen collections like the iconic Spirit of NashvilleSouthern Delight, or our wanderlust-inspired American Travel and World Travel collections. 

Metal Signs for Outdoor Decor

One of the reasons why Nashville is appealing to so many is the frequent warm weather, very brief winter, enjoyable spring, sunshine in summer, and cool, colorful autumn. Compared to most cities north of the Mason-Dixon line, Nashville has more sunny days, a significantly warmer climate, and shorter winter seasons with very little snowfall. 

What does all this mean? More time to spend outdoors! Many Nashville homes come equipped with porches, patios, outdoor dining areas, gazebos, pool decks, and cabana-esque outdoor installations designed to maximize residents' enjoyment of the warm weather. If your new home has such a feature or you plan to add one, ADG's metal signs are an excellent way to decorate such a space. 

You can choose any of your favorite ADG designs (of over 2,000 original illustrations) and have them printed on 9x12 inch, 12x16 inch, or 18x24 inch metal signs. Each sign is printed with weatherproof inks on rust-resistant tin, the perfect depiction of vintage poster art. We've already pre-drilled a small hole in each corner of the sign, so all you need are four nails and a blank outdoor wall space! Whether you prefer vintage travel art, National Park art, or something local like our Spirit of Nashville Collection for original Nashville poster art, these metal signs will be sure to keep your outdoor space looking stylish and aesthetic.

Art for Tight Spaces

If you just moved to Nashville and are short on wall space, but you still want to bring some local artistic love into a room or rooms, we have something for you! Our recently innovated mini canvases are a great way to insert a vintage art vibe into an already full space, as these little beauties come in 5x7 inch and 8x10 inch sizes.

The easel-backed mini canvases make a big statement in a small space, made by American craftspeople and ideally suited for mantles, desks, coffee tables, dressers, window ledges, and recessed shelves. Or sneak the little guys in on the wall wherever you can find space. As with our other art products, you can choose from any of our over 2,000 original illustrations and designs and have those designs made-to-order as mini canvases.

Welcome to Nashville!

If you just arrived, we'd love to meet you! You can shop our store online, and we'll happily ship your new home decor and vintage art to your doorstep.

But if you've just arrived in town and you'd like to meet some new faces, we also have a curbside pick-up option. Just choose that option when you're ordering your art, and swing by our studio store when your order is ready!

We hope you enjoy Music City as we have,

-Ren Brabenec

Anderson Design Group Staff Writer

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