Rick Koch

Rick Koch

Let me say, that the art work created for these fabulous National Parks posters, puzzles and other fine art offerings by Anderson Design Group are simply spectacular! My wife and were looking for some jigsaw puzzles to help pass the time during the pandemic stay-at-home and we found some true gems in the Anderson Design Group National Park Series of puzzles!!


I am a graphic artist myself and these masterpieces are so true to many of the vintage Park Service illustrations I knew I had to collect the entire “60 Illustrated National Parks” series of puzzles. So far, I have only managed to collect three of the five  puzzles (not surprising that they have been sold out for some time!!) but I will keep searching until I have all five.


Learning that all of Anderson Design Group’s art for the parks series is original by their own designers is very impressive, incredible in fact.


We have a cabin in the mountains about a mile from the west entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park. After seeing the first puzzle, I knew we had to have them all and display them proudly there.  As you can see below, we’re leaving space for the remaining two puzzles in this series. 

Keep up your amazing work with your amazing illustrators.  Their works is pure art!

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