World Travel: France, Paris (Best Seller)

World Travel: France, Paris (Best Seller)

Ah, Paris. The City of Love. Called that for the romantic atmosphere that the city exudes, Paris is also home to stunning feats of architectural genius and engineering skill. For example, the Eiffel Tower graces Paris with its beauty and impressive stance, a tower seen as almost synonymous with the city of Paris. Inspired by the tower and the romance that surrounds it, Anderson Design Group hand-rendered vintage poster art of the tower, depicting the tower in a romantic, emotive, Art Deco style. Available in five, frame-ready sizes, this poster art would look wonderful on any wall, an excellent addition to home or office decor. This illustrated poster design was created in 2012 by Michael Korfhage and Joel Anderson. © 2020 Anderson Design Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

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