Art & Games - Staying Busy Indoors During the Winter Season

Art & Games - Staying Busy Indoors During the Winter Season

We thought we'd take a short break from the design tables and drawing boards to talk about the artistic products we most enjoy having around our homes, products we seem to get the most use out of during winter.

Whether it's a new poster for a lonely, art-starved wall, a coffee table book, or a game or puzzle, these art pieces and art-inspired products always seem to entertain us when the cold weather keeps us indoors.

Poster Art

For us, blank wall space seems to stand out more during winter. And perhaps that makes sense, especially if we're spending more time indoors looking at those walls! Either way, the winter months are an excellent time to show the interior decor a little love, redecorate, and finally fill in that blank wall space that needs your attention.

If you're a fan of vintage poster art and retro designs, we have over 2,000 original illustrations to choose from. You can pick your favorite artwork and have it shipped to you in a size and style of your choosing, with several style options available like canvases, art prints, framed prints, mini canvases, or metal signs.

No need to look at the same wall this winter. Decorate away and bring some new colors into your home!

2022 Wall Calendars

We use the same high-quality printing methods in our gallery prints to make beautiful wall calendars. The calendars combine art, decor, and a utility function all in one; vintage poster art and a great way to keep track of the days, weeks, and months! And perhaps most importantly, winter is a great time to sit down with the calendar and go through it, month by month, filling in all the future adventures to come.

Measuring 10" x 13" closed and 10" x 26" open, each calendar is made with 12 of our award-winning original designs. Plus, there are large calendar grids for note-taking, reminders, and key adventure dates, as well as separate sections for additional notes, goals, plans, and to-do lists. An excellent gift idea or a great way to get yourself prepped and ready for each new month, pick from 12 unique and original ADG calendar designs!

63 National Parks - The Coffee Table Book

Are you planning any 2022 travel adventures to the 63 American National Parks? If you have trips in mind to head to any of these gems of nature and wilderness, then the 63 National Parks Updated Edition Hard Cover Coffee Table Book is a must. Not only is this book a great read for adults and children alike during the short days and long nights of winter, but there's a wealth of travel inspiration and trip ideas in the book. And perhaps best of all, you can use the book to help plan for 2022 National Park adventures.

Packed with crucial information about the National Parks, travel tips, fun facts, historical data about the parks, and tons of illustrations, designs, oil paintings, and vintage posters by Anderson Design Group, each book helps you prepare for your adventure and adds to your coffee table decor all at once.

Made for history buffs, classy decor enthusiasts, avid readers, vintage poster art aficionados, and park adventurers, our coffee table books make for great gifts! Check out the full offering of books, coloring books, guides, and journals.

Puzzles, Games and Cards - Keeping the Family Busy on the Weekend

We all hope for great weather on the weekends, but Jack Frost usually has different ideas this time of year, so we end up spending a bit more time indoors. When that happens, it's a good idea to have replacement activities ready and waiting (especially if you have children!) And what better way to keep the entire family entertained than playing cards, a board game, or building a 500-piece or 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle?


With 24 unique and colorful puzzle designs, you can take your pick of beautiful puzzles that each feature the original vintage poster art of Anderson Design Group. From National Park puzzles to world travel puzzles, vintage puzzle designs, oil painting puzzles, American travel puzzles, and puzzle gift sets, these vintage-styled jigsaw puzzles are sure to keep you and the family entertained and engaged for hours on end.

Postcards & Notecards - Sending Love to Family from Afar

Folks tend to do less traveling during winter. School's in session, the roads are less navigable, and the cold weather lends itself more to cozy afternoons curled up indoors rather than long days spent traversing the nation. But to ensure we don't lose track of our family members who don't live nearby, a hand-written postcard or notecard to a cherished loved one or friend can make all the difference.


Measuring 4.5" x 6", we like to think of our postcards and notecards as pocket-sized posters. You can order postcards or notecards printed with any of our over 2,000+ original and unique designs. These beauties make great Save the Dates and reception place-markers, invitations, Thinking-of-You's, and more. You can build your own postcard set or buy in bulk for great pricing on your favorite design. You can build your own notecard set too!

Gallery Walls - Love for the Arts Embodied in New Home Decor

Our poster art team collaborated with skillful designers and gallery custodians at American Flat to create unique, custom-crafted gallery wall sets. These visually stunning sets are handpicked by master gallery curators, professionals at combining color, design, style, and overall appearance with expertly arranged sets of poster art prints.

We mentioned earlier how the winter months are a great time of year to redecorate and add some new color to an art-starved wall. The Gallery Walls are the perfect solution if you want to completely upgrade the visual aesthetic of a space without having to do any of the design work yourself. Our gallery professionals have already taken care of it!

Whether your fancy is American National Park poster art, American cities, lake & lodge art, beach art, or nursery art, we've got the right combinations to make decorating fun. And did we mention that you save over $260 when you order the gallery wall sets instead of purchasing the artwork separately?

A Winter of Art and Creativity

Our award-winning artists and studio-store staff at Anderson Design Group put together artistic and creative products, poster art, and vintage designs to excite your mind and help support your creative drive. Get a head start on 2022 and find fun and productive ways to spend the winter decorating, making memories with the family, sending a postcard, marking a calendar, or telling someone you love them with their favorite ADG poster. 

Here's to a fun, creative, and exciting season!

-Ren Brabenec

Anderson Design Group Staff Writer

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