ADG Introduces Hand-Made Leather Covers for National Park Adventure Guides and Journals!

ADG Introduces Hand-Made Leather Covers for National Park Adventure Guides and Journals!

Our team at Anderson Design Group is excited to announce a new collaboration! We'd like to introduce our friends over at Dry Ground, an independent design-and-build leather workshop located in North Central Arkansas.

We've teamed up with the good folks at Dry Ground to offer handcrafted leather covers for ADG journals and National Park Adventure Guides!

Deluxe Leather Cover with National Park Adventure Guide Included

The perfect gift (offered as a discounted bundle for a limited time), our ADG staff paired Dry Ground's masterfully crafted leather bindings with our own, updated, 63-Park 2021 edition of the National Parks Adventure Guide. Dry Ground's leather cover is handmade in every way. Premium, oil-tanned leather, hand-cut, hand-chiseled, hand-stitched, and edges burnished by hand too. The leather covers are rubbed down with a special balm, giving them a rugged and durable but soft and vintage-like feel.

The perfect gift for any adventurous friend or family member, the leather-bound National Park adventure guide is useful! The leather cover protects and preserves ADG's National Parks guidebook, an absolute must on any trip into the National Parks. The guidebook was recently updated to include information on all of the newly added parks (New River Gorge, White Sands, Indiana Dunes, and Gateway Arch). The guide also features important information on the parks, space for note-taking, fun facts, and plenty of ADG National Park poster art! Finally, the leather-bound guidebook comes with National Park stickers, so you can place a sticker on the corresponding park insert every time you visit a new park!

Deluxe Leather Cover with National Park Journal Included

ADG and Dry Ground also worked together to create a deluxe leather cover for ADG's National Park Journal. And just as with the NP Adventure Guide, the cover and the journal are bundled at a discounted price. Hand-tooled, top-grain leather wraps the trusty NP journal in rustic, vintage beauty. And as is the case with all of Dry Ground's handmade leather products, the Deluxe Leather Cover will only get better with age and use.

Anderson Design Group's National Park Journal is a beautiful, hardcover book perfectly designed for documenting one's adventures into the National Parks. The journal features plenty of writing space, plus interesting info about the American National Parks and plenty of ADG National Park vintage art.

How Dry Ground Got its Start

We had the chance to speak directly with Eric Smeltzer, the founder of Dry Ground. We asked him how he got his start, and this is what he told us:

"Growing up in a family that enjoys working with our hands, I have always been excited to learn new trades.  COVID -19 provided me with the opportunity to take a shot at leatherworking.  During quarantine, I recalled one Christmas as a young boy when my dad helped me make a leather pouch for my mom for Christmas. 40 years later a desire stirred up in me to work with leather again.  I made a few key chains, then my wife asked me to make her a leather tote and of course I did, but we sold it and discovered more folks wanted a tote of their own.  From there, we have developed other leather products by requests of family and friends."

Eric and his artisans have quite a lot in common with our team here at Anderson Design Group. We're all artists, creatives, and wanderlust-filled adventurers who love making useful and meaningful things by hand! The leather-bound National Park Adventure Guides and Journals make great, practical gifts and useful additions to the knapsack in any National Park journey. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Our Commitment to the National Parks 

The National Parks were created to preserve the legacy of America's beautiful, unique, and historic natural lands. When the National Park Service was put together in 1916, its mandate was to protect and manage the National Parks. But with more than 84.6 million acres of land to cover, that's a big job for an organization that employs just 20,000 people. 

At Anderson Design Group, we've always felt that it's not just the mandate of the NPS to protect the parks, but rather it's the mandate of each new generation of Americans to protect and conserve these special lands. That's why we donate a portion of our profits to the National Park Foundation each year. When you purchase a Deluxe Leather Cover with a National Park Adventure Guide or Journal inside, your purchase is helping to protect and preserve America's natural treasures for generations to come.

Happy journaling and adventuring!

-Ren Brabenec

Anderson Design Group Writing Staff

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