Summer Reading is Totally Lit! (by Mike Baker)

Summer Reading is Totally Lit! (by Mike Baker)

August is a month of eventually's: the evenings eventually become cooler,  the grass eventually becomes wet with the morning dew, football season eventually kicks off, and the summer eventually, though unofficially, ends when students in much of the US start back to schoolBy this time, most parents and kids have gotten a good start to the school year with the help of a SUMMER READING LIST.

Though it varies by state, district, school, and grade, summer reading can keep a student captivated and wanting more once school starts, whether that's adventure on the high seas, science fiction, mystery, the macabre, or the simple fairy tale. And certainly, any of our Literary Classics posters can provide a lure to hook and engage a young mind.

Reading and illustration have always worked in concert together to make stories come alive in vivid detail, and our posters do just that without revealing any spoilers! Whether it's the suggestion of treasure or malice lying under the ocean's surface, a brilliant mind in a darkened room, the moonlit silhouette of a Gothic monster, or the shocking havoc strewn by invading Martians, our posters can also serve as a reward for finishing a classic work of literature.

Another "eventually" for almost anyone who makes it through high school is a student's encounter with William Shakespeare's Romeo and JulietThe average 9th grade student is 14 or 15 years old and those minds, hearts, and hormones (!) are active. The themes of Romeo and Juliet tend to match well with our lives when we were that age: the consequences of impetuous decisions, coming of age, the power of fate, and of course, love. Even the theme of hate for hate's sake– "now, why do we dislike these people again? I forgot."still stands as a valid point of discussion when reading the play today.

We hope you will eventually have the chance to read the many great works of literature represented here and beyond– especially after your school years are complete. Happy reading!

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