Canada Poster Art to Inspire Your Summer Adventure in the Great White North!

Canada Poster Art to Inspire Your Summer Adventure in the Great White North!

On August 8th, 2021, Canada reopened its border with the United States. And on November 8th, 2021, the U.S. reopened its border with Canada, allowing for back and forth travel between the two nations. And though some logistical hoops remain, it's the easiest since the pandemic began to visit our neighbors to the north.

American citizens are advised to download the ArriveCAN travel app, a simple and streamlined tool for completing necessary paperwork and ensuring travelers have the documents they need to visit Canada. 

To set the mood for wilderness journeys in the world's second-largest country, our poster artists are releasing new travel posters of Canada, which can be viewed in our World Travel Collection.

In the following paragraphs, we'll cover some of the most popular destinations in Canada (and some that are off the beaten path!)

Jasper National Park

One of the most visually stunning places in North America is Jasper National Park. This 6,835 square mile park is deep within the Canadian Rockies. Though its combination of mountains, forests, alpine lakes, and winding hiking trails are so incredible they've earned protection under UNESCO's World Heritage Site Program; the park only receives about two million visitors per year (compare that to Banff National Park's four million visitors per year).

Its remote location combined with low visitation and a huge expanse of protected lands means visitors to Jasper National Park can go days without seeing another human. Truly a wilderness immersion experience.

Banff National Park

Canadian and foreign visitors alike often say that Banff National Park is the Crown Jewel of Canada. It's the nation's flagship national park and the third-oldest national park in the world. Like Jasper, much of the park is located in the Canadian Rockies and is protected under the UNESCO World Heritage program. 

Visitors to Banff enjoy over 900 miles of hiking trails, incredible scenic roads, mountain bike trails, snow-covered peaks, ice fields, horseback tours, alpine lakes, and hundreds of species of flora and fauna.

Banff is one of the most accessible parks in Canada, making it easy to enjoy for people from all walks of life. Case in point, popular Johnston Canyon offers paved roadways eclipsed by stunning mountainous peaks on all sides. Dramatic natural beauty yet still fully accessible for persons of all physical abilities.

Vancouver Island

A rainforest island in the far north, Vancouver Island is a study of contradictions. Mild and temperate, green and lush, this beautiful island reminds many American visitors of the rainforests of Olympic National Park in Washington State. 

Not just a wilderness retreat, Vancouver Island is also home to some 846,000 residents. Visitors can enjoy remote wilderness one day and boutique shopping accompanied by cafes and bistros in the town of Victoria (also the capital of British Columbia) the next.

The Far North

For those who want to see nature completely undeveloped by human habitation, Canada's northern provinces, regions, and territories offer a truly memorable experience. From the polar bear capital of the world in Churchill, Manitoba to skiing in Whistler, British Columbia, the northern reaches of Canada are home to still-accessible yet immensely remote travel destinations.

Our favorite is the snow coaches that bring visitors onto the ice fields and tundra of the Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. 

Popular Attractions Close to Home

For those who want to explore a different country, escape the summer heat, and see some incredible sights, but do it all without venturing too far off the beaten path, Canada has several attractions that are close to home and easy to get to. Some of these include:

Niagara Falls. If you haven't seen it in person, you've almost certainly seen it in movies or pictures. Niagara Falls is a stunning series of waterfalls located right on the border between the U.S. and Canada.

Prince Edward Island. This island is located on the northeastern side of the country. Prince Edward Island is home to beautiful beaches, lighthouses, golf courses, seafood restaurants, and resort-like beach towns.

The Gaspe Peninsula. Located in Quebec, the Gaspe Peninsula is home to Perce Rock, the world's most accessible gannet colony, a UNESCO World Heritage site, lighthouses, moose, huge cliffs soaring out of the ocean, and quaint resort towns and chalets. 

Vintage Travel Art to Inspire Your Summer Adventure

Every summer, ADG poster artists become inspired by the beauty of Canada, so they render original illustrations of the forests, mountains, cities, monuments, parks, and natural icons cherished by our neighbors to the north.

If you're planning a trip to Canada and would like a little travel inspiration to set the mood (or to pick out a souvenir for when you return!), check out our collection of over 50 original Canada travel posters. These illustrations would look fantastic on any wall as vintage posters, metal signs, canvases, or as notecards or postcards.

In the meantime, enjoy your journey!

-Ren Brabenec,
Anderson Design Group Staff Writer 

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