Combining Vintage Art and 21st-Century Technology with Premium, Gallery Wrapped Canvases

Combining Vintage Art and 21st-Century Technology with Premium, Gallery Wrapped Canvases

When folks consider decorating their home in vintage poster art, they often want several options in how they decorate. While vintage art looks fantastic in any home decor style, how the art is portrayed does make a difference. Some prefer framed art prints, others like the rustic, retro look of metal signs, and some are drawn to canvas banners or framed postcards. All such art styles look fantastic!

And then there's the canvas, a regal and instantly recognizable method of depicting art. Pure, beautiful, nostalgic, and vintage all by itself, a canvas is a great way to portray vintage poster art, travel art, National Park art, and more.

And when we think about it, canvas art has been a staple of the art world for a long time.

How did canvas art get its start? And how can we combine this timeless art style with modern-day art production technologies?

Canvas for Ages - One of the Longest-Lasting Art Mediums

Whether your canvas preference is oil on canvas, photo prints on canvas, or the handcrafted poster art canvases rendered by Anderson Design Group's award-winning poster artists, if you're a fan of canvas art, you are one of many who appreciates one of humanity's oldest and longest-lasting art styles. When we trace canvas art back through history, we find that this art style has been in use for over 500 years, and it is still one of the most appreciated art mediums today.

Though canvas artwork dates back to the 15th century (the mid-1400s to be exact), canvas art did not become prominent until the 1500s (during the Italian Renaissance). Canvas artwork got its start primarily because Venetian painters were desperately searching for an art medium that would hold up in the humid, damp environment in which they lived. The art mediums of the age were primarily fresco and wood panels, both of which dried poorly and warped or deteriorated in the humid Venice climate.

As interest in canvas paintings began to spread, artists all across Europe discovered that they could make larger paintings that would last longer and for a lower price than had been previously available. Because canvases could be rolled up, artists could create huge paintings that could be moved about and displayed with ease. It wasn't long before wood panels became obsolete, and the revered canvas became the icon of the Renaissance age.

As centuries came and went, other art forms and mediums had their time in the limelight and many of those we still have today. But given the availability of canvas (most European painters could create incredible paintings from something as cheap and accessible as canvas sailboat sails!) and given the popular demand for this particular medium, canvas paintings and canvas art in general never went out of style.

Combining a Timeless Tradition with 21st-Century Technologies

Fast forward to today, and canvas art is just as popular and desirable as it always has been. Even in an age when modern art has risen in popularity, even in an age when there are many mediums to create art with, millions of art appreciators still prefer the timeless beauty and universal appeal of a canvas art piece.

At Anderson Design Group, we love canvas art and canvas poster art with all our hearts. We even have dozens of canvas oil paintings in our art collections thanks to our artist collaboration with oil painter Kai Carpenter.

We wanted to find a way to make canvas poster art, canvas travel art, and canvas National Park art readily available to our customers in a durable, high-quality, and affordable manner. Our founder, Joel Anderson, spent a good deal of time researching canvas technologies and speaking with experts on the subject.

The result of that effort? We created a terrific art medium, something that combines the timeless and nostalgic magic of canvas art with the durability of 21st-century art production technology. We had to give our new release a name, and so we called it: "Premium Gallery Wrapped Canvases."

Our Premium Gallery Wrapped Canvas prints are custom-made-to-order, ensuring our customers get something fresh off the printing press. We create these beauties with archival inks and gallery-grade canvas material. The canvas art is finished with a semi-matte UV coating to protect them and preserve their deep, lustrous colors for years to come.

Our smart canvases feature a unique, patented design with a solid-front, dent-resistant construction. The canvases are wrapped around a 1.5" deep frame and are given a hard-board backing to prevent damage, sagging, abrasions, or other harm. Each canvas comes fully ready for installation, including pre-installed hanging hardware. All you need is a hammer, nail, and a wall that is ready for some vintage canvas art!

Anderson Design Group poster artists and artist collaborators have created over 1,800 unique designs and renditions in more than two-dozen poster art collections over the years. And we mean it when we say that every single design we've ever created is available as a Premium Gallery Wrapped Canvas! Available size options (all measured in inches) include 12x16, 18x24, 24x32, and 30x40.

Appreciating Canvas Poster Art Today

When we think of canvas art, we still get that dreamy-eyed, wistful look as we think back to the timeless classics preserved in museums and art galleries across the world. And thanks to our Premium Gallery Wrapped Canvas poster art, you can enjoy all the nostalgia and romantic essence of canvas art with a high-quality, well-made product that will decorate your home or workspace for years to come.

You can find the canvas artwork of your dreams by navigating to our "Canvas Prints" section. Or you can start by exploring our art collections, finding the artwork that's simply perfect for your space, and selecting the "Canvas" option when choosing how you'd like your vintage artwork prepared.

Let us know which canvas art pieces you choose to decorate with, and until next time, happy decorating!

- Ren Brabenec

Anderson Design Group Writing Staff

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