Designing Your Space: Bathroom Edition

Designing Your Space: Bathroom Edition

We love that our art can be used subtly and still captivate at the same time. And with 19 collections & over 1,000 designs, we have an image for just about any room, style, or taste. Over time, we've heard "I love your artwork! I'm just not sure where to put it." In this blog series, we'll showcase different spaces that have received an Anderson Design Group makeover. This month, we begin with bathrooms.

Your home is your space for self-expression. Whether you're a world traveler, National Parks lover, or kiddo chaser, your walls should reflect what you love.

For bathroom spaces, our friends Alyssa and Ray at brasstacksandco photographed a newly renovated small bathroom and a more vintage large bathroom found in an Airbnb in Nashville's trendy 12South neighborhood. We displayed some local love for our city and a coastal/travel theme for our more adventurous followers.

For the smaller bath, Alyssa and Ray staged framed postcards and metal signs to complement the room's modern feel. With open storage on shelves, you don't want too much clutter pushed together- that's what makes framed postcards a go-to choice. (Fun fact: the metal signs are water-resistant and don't rust! High five!)

In the larger bathroom, we chose a canvas and two framed 18x24" prints. The bigger the wall space, the more room you have to sum up a theme or feature a statement piece. We had the opportunity to transform this Airbnb with some wall love for the day. Check out this Airbnb's sweet digs (and book a night for yourself) here.

The hub for artsy home accessories, DENY designs, features ADG designs on shower curtains, bath mats, clocks, etc. Get inspired with these out-of-the-box ideas (especially if you've run out of wall space).

Even in bathrooms, our art can easily find a way to blend with your room's style and theme. See below for more tips and advice on how to build the washroom of your dreams:

*Photography by brasstacksandco

Instagram: @brasstacksandco

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