Designing Your Space: Living Room Edition

Designing Your Space: Living Room Edition

The living room is where stories are told. One of our favorite spots to express ourselves through classic wall decor is right here. We want guests in our homes to know where we're from, where we've been, and what we enjoy. With framed prints, metal signs, canvases, throw pillows, coasters and coffee table books, you've got lots and lots of opportunities to own your space with our artwork. Let's do this.

On this week's edition of Designing Your Space, we indulged in a little joie de vivre at 506 Lofts located on historic Church Street in downtown Nashville. We also chatted up interior decorator Kim Collins, who lent us not only her lovely home but her perspective on design and expressing yourself through bold color palettes.

When it comes to bringing cozy charm to an urban rustic-chic ambience, the 506 Lofts on Church Street are hard to beat. With muted colors and an open-floor concept, natural light enjoys free reign across the delightfully-worn living space. The deep, rich tones of our Red Guitar canvas adds a splash of warmth while subtly portraying Nashville's musical heritage. Meanwhile, our Bluebird Cafe framed 11x14" poster offers a cooling blue that calms and adds a touch of whimsy. It doesn't hurt that the Bluebird is one of the city's hottest music venues!

Check out more from 506 Lofts on their Instagram @506Lofts and on their site: for details, history, and availability on their spaces.

For Airbnb owners, our Spirit of Nashville and National Parks coffee table books are a special touch to your communal space that informs and shows off two of our best-loved collections. We’ve included history and photos along with a special section about the Great Flood of 2010 in our Spirit of Nashville book, and our National Parks book features art for all 59 Parks along with fun facts and travel tips about each one. (Keep an eye out for our Great Smoky Mountains National Park coffee table book coming this fall!) 



If your coffee table is already full of magazines, these books can serve as one-of-a-kind guestbooks for visitors & friends to leave their thoughts and rave about their stay.

Ahh Summer. We've been itching to travel and get outdoors, so we gleefully hung some of our Lake & Lodge and National Parks designs in the funky East Nashville home of interior decorator Kim Collins (after asking her permission of course). The serene simplicity of her uncluttered space and clean walls gave us a choice opportunity to add some ADG personality and travel memories to the room. There's no better way to inspire wanderlust than with nostalgic destination posters.

Thanks to Kim's cream-colored walls, we had a blank slate to work with (dressing up a wall is WAY more fun when you're not competing with a loud paint color). After we geeked ourselves out hanging art and taking photos, we had the pleasure of interviewing Kim to discover what inspires her creative flair and what she loves about our designs.


As an interior decorator, I'm sure your eye for detail, style, and creativity changes depending on the room. What was your inspiration for this living room space? Has anything or anyone influenced you especially?

I’ve lived in this East Nashville home for 18 years now and have always loved how the light dances and influences that particular part of the house.  My style is eclectic and I generally use a lot of color,  but with this room I kept it a beautiful creamy white to let the sunshine do it’s work.  Depending on the time of day, the white changes so many spectrum hues and it’s lovely, sometimes magical.  So I would say I let nature be the inspiration!  

I try to let my design influences be ruled by a feeling of the space and I try to stay away from too much Pinterest ideas simply because I believe a room should reflect the unique person that inhabits it.  Not saying I don’t love Pinterest!  I just try and stay away from trends, unless that’s what the client loves.  I do love Sera of London as far as influential designers go.  Her design is dreamy and so unique.  She would be my biggest influence. 

Nashville has become a growing community and with so many different neighborhoods surrounding the city, you run into many different designs & styles. Is there a specific place or part of town that you're drawn to artistically?

Definitely East Nashville.  18 years ago I moved here because of that reason; the artistic vibes, the openness and the community.  Back then, some people were “scared of the hood”, but I saw the raw beauty.  East Nashville was real and rich with diversity. I was drawn to the eclectic nature of this neighborhood for sure.  You could paint your shutters a Prince purple and no one would blink an eye.  ;)   

If you had to choose some of ADG artwork for your space, which ones would you choose?

I am personally drawn to the art deco pieces!  That’s my jam.

Our photographers dressed up the space with some of our popular artwork from various collections. What did you like most about it?

I liked the bold yet earthy graphics… the vintage vibes of the pieces.  I honestly thought they were reproductions they were so well done!

Vintage art belongs on your floors too. Check out Kim's interior decor/rug shop at:

Want more throw pillows? Deny Designs has our Bless Your Heart, TN State Flag, and many other iconic ADG designs available here.

Give your living room a voice. With over 1,000 designs and 13 different products to choose from, our online shop has just what you need to show off your hometown, your favorite travel destinations, or what makes you you. Happy decorating!

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