Doing Poster Art the Cowboy Way

Doing Poster Art the Cowboy Way

Music City is full of fun opportunities and wonderful people. Recently, we found ourselves working on a dream project for one of our favorite bands—Riders In The Sky. The band's manager asked us to help the two-time Grammy winning group celebrate their 40th Anniversary. So we created an illustration that was used for their Anniversary poster, CD and tour book. ADG staff artist Aaron Johnson took the lead on the illustration, using reference from some of his Monument Valley posters.

When the Riders played a show in Franklin, TN, Creative Director and ADG founder Joel Anderson adapted Aaron's art by adding it to a classic Franklin Theatre poster rendered by former ADG artist Andy Gregg to produce a limited edition show print that commemorated the sold-out event. 

Joel gushed, "What a fantastic show! These guys are master musicians and entertainers—and they should be after doing it for 40 years! The artwork helped to capture their classic cowboy spirit and conjured up wide open prairies, tumble weeds, camp fires, road kill and raw hide."

Joel was lucky enough to have a poster signed by the band. Judging by the way they played, they've got a lot more rodeos left in 'em! If you are not familiar with the Riders in The Sky, check them out.

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