Gallery Walls - Professional Decor and Huge Savings in One!

Gallery Walls - Professional Decor and Huge Savings in One!

Wouldn't it be great to make just one purchase and be able to decorate an entire wall with it? Or just one purchase that would be the finishing touch on a room's interior design and decor? 

Thanks to our new offering, Curated Gallery Walls, you can do just that!

Gallery Walls, Professionally Curated for the Perfect Aesthetic Decor

First off, what is a gallery wall? Gallery walls trace back to the early-1800s when artists, galleries, salons, and art appreciators would quite literally cover their entire walls with art. Today, a gallery wall means a grouping of art pieces that have been arranged together in a visually pleasing and fluid manner.

Gallery walls often refer to three to six (or seven or eight) art pieces, varying in size, hung on a wall in a specific pattern. The art usually shares a common theme, and there is a harmonious, visually appealing flow to the gallery wall's design. Such a wall always ends up being the focal point of the room, as a gallery wall captures the attention and holds it thanks to its arrangement, style, symmetry, and soothing appeal.

To get the best possible design and decor effect from a gallery wall, it helps to have a professional curator assemble the gallery wall. Art curators can pick the right art prints with the proper colors, sizes, and styles in such a way that the art has a special, cohesive effect. The goal is to create a display where-in, while there is undoubtedly value and joy in each individual art piece, the overall effect created by the gallery wall is greater than the sum of its parts.

To achieve that, it's crucial to have gallery walls designed and assembled by professional gallery curators, which is why Anderson Design Group partnered with American Flat to bring the joy and wonder of gallery walls to you.

Value in Vintage Design! 

One of the reasons why we launched our Gallery Wall option was to give folks a way to order an entire wall (or room) worth of decor at a price far more affordable than assembling a room's decor piece by piece. When you buy one of the Curated Gallery Wall Sets, you save $260 over what it would have cost to purchase each framed print separately. 

Sold separately, the framed prints in the gallery walls would cost over $550. But combined into the set, you save over $260, and all you need to install each beautiful gallery wall is a hammer, six nails, and some lonely, art-starved wall space! The pre-built, ready-to-hang framed prints come with instructions on how to place them on your wall, in-sync with each of its counterparts within the gallery wall.

Each gallery wall covers approximately 4.5'x4.5' of wall space or the equivalent of 1.3 meters by 1.3 meters. Be sure to follow the pattern and instructions precisely to achieve the best results in overall design fluidity and appeal!

The Walls - Anderson Design Group Vintage Poster Art

At the time of this writing, we recently released eight unique gallery wall sets, each one featuring some of our most beloved art pieces, designs, travel art, vintage poster art, illustrations, National Park art, and so on. Read on to learn more about the current offerings, and be sure to check back in the future as new gallery wall designs are created and released! 

American National Parks Gallery Wall Set. Stunning, original, vintage National Park art brought together to create a wistful, nostalgia-filled display of America's cherished parklands.

Day At The Beach Gallery Wall Set. Perfect for the beach house, cabana, vacation rental, or just to make a room more colorful and pleasant, this gallery wall brightens any space with sun-kissed cheer.

Iconic American Cities Gallery Wall Set. Perfect for the travel buff and road trip enthusiast, this gallery wall features six famous American cities as well as significant landmarks and skylines for each.

Lake & Lodge Gallery Wall Set. Perfect for the lake house, cottage, cabin, or lodge, this gallery wall embodies the warm, earthy colors of the great outdoors. Perfect for setting the aesthetic mood right in any outdoorsy-style home!

Nursery (Boy's Room) Gallery Wall Set. Having a difficult time deciding how to decorate the boy's room? The nursery gallery wall is a simple, easy, fast choice that looks great and is affordable too!

Nursery (Girl's Room) Gallery Wall Set. Colorful and artfully designed, this gallery wall features vintage poster art and all things girly, perfect for the little one's nursery.

Romantic American Travel by Kai Carpenter Gallery Wall Set. Vintage paintings hung with care, pre-framed, colorful, lustrous, and moving, this poster art is a gallery wall of the works of Kai Carpenter, perfect for the oil painting enthusiast and vintage art fan.

Tropical Paradise Gallery Wall Set. A cherished reminder of the tropics, a dream home-away-from-home, this gallery wall brings color and warmth into any indoor space. Guaranteed to inspire wanderlust!

Making Home Decor a Breeze with Vintage Poster Art and Curated Gallery Walls

As folks are rushing to get their holiday shopping done and decorate all at once, we figured we'd make year-round home decor a little easier with the release of our curated gallery walls. These beauties allow you to still engage in the creative process of designing and decorating your home's interior, but our hand-picked poster art takes some of the time-consuming challenges off when you can place one order and decorate an entire wall with it.

Each gallery wall is a centerpiece in the making, something your guests will certainly compliment you on! And if you want to tell your friends you designed the gallery wall and put it together by yourself; we're certainly not going to say anything to the contrary. Our lips are sealed!

Happy decorating!

-Ren Brabenec

Anderson Design Group Writing Staff

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