Gift Ideas for Hikers and Outdoor Enthusiasts

Gift Ideas for Hikers and Outdoor Enthusiasts

With the holidays right around the corner, it's time to get into the "Holiday Shuffle," i.e., a frantic scramble to make sure everyone in your family-and-friend circle gets a gift before Christmas Day.

And we all know what happens next. You go on the internet to search for gift ideas, and you get overwhelmed with options. Before you know it, it's 2 a.m. and you're watching cat videos on Youtube! (We've all been there).

Rather than sitting at the computer and turning online holiday shopping into a search and research project as lengthy and involved as a doctoral thesis, why not take a quick look at three, fun gift ideas we put together here at Anderson Design Group. These gifts are perfect for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. 

The National Parks Sticker Map

While this map is suitable for all adventurers young and old, we know this one will be an instant favorite with the kiddos. Order a fun, interactive gift for your junior explorer that gets him or her excited about the National Parks. The National Parks Sticker Map features: 

• 72 Emblem Stickers (All 61 National Parks plus 11 wildlife stickers!)
• A full-color map of the USA, clearly showing each National Park
Fun facts about the Parks
• Dedicated
 sticker spots. Place a sticker on the map for each park you visit!

The National Park Adventure Guide

History buffs and fun fact gurus of all ages will love the National Park Adventure Guide. This pocketbook is the perfect take-along item for your next trip to the parks. Updated to include the recently designated parks, this book contains valuable data on all 61 National Parks. Some of the features of the National Park Adventure Guide include:
61 full-color stickers to commemorate a visit to each park
Educational facts about the parks
Travel tips, must-sees, and must-dos for each park
• A section for note-taking and idea-brainstorming on what to explore next!

    Coffee Table Books – Enjoying the Magic of the Outdoors from the Comfort of Your Home

    Looking for an excellent coffee table centerpiece for your living room or parlor? The National Parks Expanded Edition Hard Cover Coffee Table Book is an aesthetic and educational conversation starter. Perfect for all ages and a great way to learn more about your favorite parks, our coffee table book combines poster art and literature all in one text.

    The National Parks Hard Cover Coffee Table Book features:
    172 pages of luxuriously printed text with hundreds of ADG posters
    Fun facts, photos and historical data about each park
    Travel tips and must-sees for the parks
    Oil paintings and historical photos of the parks

    Key Elements in Acing It With This Year's Gift Giving

    Looking for the best holiday gifts for your loved ones? Really want to "Wow!" them? Five key points to remember when shopping for your friends and family are:
    A gift should be unique, something unlike anything the recipient has ever gotten before.
    A present should invoke excitement and joy. It should "hit the spot" for that individual.
    A gift should be something useful and fun. (like a map or guide book!)
    • A gift should be something that enriches the person's life in some way (like poster art!)

    Anderson Design Group creates fun gifts and souvenirs, books, maps, posters, trinkets, useful guides and other items, all of which feature our artwork. Our gifts are unique, and they're perfect for travel enthusiasts and outdoor lovers. ADG products are useful and aesthetic all in one. Furthermore, everything we create is made right here in the U.S., using materials purchased from local suppliers. When you buy from Anderson Design Group, you're supporting local artists and businesses. 

    Take a look at our products section on our website and happy holiday shopping! 

    -Ren Brabenec 
    Anderson Design Group Writing Staff

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