The Art of Giving Art - Gift Ideas Under $20, $25, and $40

The Art of Giving Art - Gift Ideas Under $20, $25, and $40

It's so easy to accrue clutter around the holidays. With millions of products to choose from and gifts flying back and forth from one house to the next, the season of gift-giving sometimes becomes the season of closet-filling (or, Heaven forbid we should have to do this, but the season of re-gifting).

At Anderson Design Group, we'd like to offer an alternative. We went through our art gallery and picked out three great gift ideas for this holiday season, one under $20, one under $25, and one under $40. And the best part is, these gifts are artwork, beautiful home decor items that your family member or loved one can hang on their wall and enjoy for a lifetime.

Build-Your-Own Postcard Set (Under $20)


The Build-You-Own Postcard Set is the perfect choice for a last-minute stocking stuffer. You can pick and choose eight of your favorite ADG designs, with over 1,800 vintage poster designs to choose from! We'll print your postcards on sturdy, matte-finished postcard stock and pop them in the mail right quick!

The perfect gift, your loved one can send these postcards to friends and family as fun and original art pieces and correspondence all in one. Or they can pin them to a wall and create a vintage postcard collage. And coming in at $19.99 for your choice of of eight postcards, this gift isn't a gift, it's a steal!

Build-Your-Own Notecard Set (Under $25)


Following a similar theme from the last one, the Build-Your-Own Notecard Set is another steal of a deal and a great stocking stuffer for the artsy individual in your life. These notecards are also printed on sturdy, matte-finished card stock. And we'll include a premium white envelop with each notecard we ship too.

As with the postcards, the Build-Your-Own Notecard Set gives you the opportunity to pick your eight favorite vintage posters from our more than 1,800 individual poster designs. The perfect gift for a family member or loved one who lives far away, you can pick eight notecards for your loved one, eight for yourself, and write letters back and forth into the New Year! And at $23.99 for each set of eight, you can't ask for a better value art gift.

Art Prints (Under $40)


Our art prints are one of our most popular items. These are the vintage art posters that became the foundation of Anderson Design Group. This is the artwork that started it all! And with over two dozen vintage poster collections and over 1,800 designs all in all, you're sure to find a gift that will make your loved one smile.

Our art prints are printed on gallery-grade, acid-free paper with rich, deep color tones. The Anderson Design Group art prints actually start at $16.99 for our 8"x10", but our most popular size, the 18"x24", comes in at just under $40. Pick the poster that represents your loved one's favorite National Park, American city, monument, natural wonder, world travel location, or Nashville icon! The beauty of vintage poster art awaits.

A Gift to Remember


This holiday season, we're thrilled to offer our original designs and handmade artwork for our customers and friends across the country and world. There is something truly special about giving the gift of art. Art enhances our lives, connects us, empowers us. It gives us a platform. Art is the medium of culture.

Giving the gift of artwork is not only a worthwhile gift, an excellent home decor piece, and a gift that will be seen daily and enjoyed for years, but it's also a way to support local artists and help our communities flourish. What better way to celebrate the meaning of the holidays and of Christmas than with art?

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