Home & Office Decor Ideas - Sprucing Up Your Space with Mini Canvases

Home & Office Decor Ideas - Sprucing Up Your Space with Mini Canvases

Hallelujah! By popular demand, the great minds in our design department recently innovated a product called mini canvases. Designed to meet the needs of studio apartment dwellers, art collectors, and aficionados who already have loads of art but who need to decorate a small space, the mini canvases are the perfect solution!

What are Mini Canvases?

First, what are they? Available in two size options (5" by 7" and 8" by 10"), ADG's mini canvases are essentially duplicates of our canvas prints, just sized down a notch. These little lovelies are perfect for smaller spaces like office desks, mantels, shelves, tables, bookcases, dressers, and end tables. They're made by the same American craftspeople who make our Premium Gallery Wrapped Canvases, ensuring you're getting a high-quality art product that's constructed in the U.S. and made to order.

Sized down to be more usable and versatile in smaller spaces, the mini canvases do not, however, sacrifice any of the features and benefits of the full-size Premium Gallery Wrapped Canvases. The mini canvas prints are custom-made-to-order using archival inks on gallery-grade material. Each canvas is finished with a semi-matte protective UV coating and wrapped over a durable frame. Shipped to your door ready-to-hang, all you need to display your mini canvas with pride is a hammer, nail, and a little bit of wall or surface space that's lacking in art. Furthermore, you can choose from any of our over 2,000 original vintage poster art designs to pick the perfect illustration that speaks to you.

The mini canvases are made with the same smart canvas features that our full-size Premium Gallery Wrapped Canvases have. They're constructed using a patented design, a solid-front, dent-resistant construction that protects the canvas and ensures a longer-lasting art product that will not sag or bend. The canvases come with the protective backing preinstalled, ensuring that all you need to do is pick a place to install the canvas, set your nail, hang, and enjoy! 

And as a bonus, the mini canvases feature an additional component, a versatile vertical-horizontal easel that gives you options in how to display your canvas.

And speaking of options, let's take a look at some design ideas and tips for how best to decorate with Anderson Design Group's mini canvases.

Design Tips - Five Ideas on How Best to Decorate with Mini Canvases

Following are five tips on how to decorate with canvas art:

#1). Horizontal Surface Art. Taking canvases to a whole new level with mini canvases, you now have the option to decorate small spaces with canvas wall art. Canvas art has historically been just for walls and vertical surfaces, but with the addition of an easel-backing, you can pick your favorite wall painting or canvas painting from ADG's collections and order it as a mini canvas. Say hello to your newest member of dresser or desk decor! Order your favorite vintage poster art or vintage art design from ADG as a mini canvas and set it up on your work desk, dresser, end table, bureau, coffee table, sofa table, countertop, vanity, or bookcase. These tiny beauts are a great way to add a splash of classic canvas art to any horizontal surface.

#2). Made for the Small Spaces. As much fun as it is to decorate an entire wall with art of the National Parks, mod art, classic canvas art, or your favorite retro art or travel art, if you've already decorated much of your available wall space, the best way to fit that perfect piece of ADG vintage poster art in is with a mini canvas. Mini canvases are the ideal solution for enjoying digital paintings and Golden Era of Illustration poster art, but to do so without taking up a large amount of room.

#3). The Finishing Touch in Any Space. If there's one thing that frustrates even the most talented interior designers and decorators, it's empty, blank spaces. When decorating a room, if you find yourself with a small but pesky area of blank space on your wall or on a surface, a mini canvas should do the trick in covering that space up and adding the final touch to a room's decor.

#4). Art, Anywhere, All the Time. Who said you couldn't decorate with National Park art in the bathroom? Or the kitchen? A full-size canvas painting or print might seem like "too much" in a bathroom or kitchen space, but a mini canvas placed artfully on a bathroom vanity or kitchen counter, or hung on a bare patch of wall next to a bathroom mirror or kitchen cabinet adds a special splash of color and class to any bathroom or kitchen area.

#5). Add Color to Your Workplace. Whether you're a work-from-home-warrior or you have a designated space at your place of work, why not add something special to what might otherwise be a mundane work area? Vivid in color and stunning in detail, ADG poster art and vintage designs are bright, intense, and eye-catching even in 5" by 7" or 8" x 10" mini canvas sizes. Plus, since they're small and not cumbersome, there's no way your boss is going to give you a hard time over bringing a little color and class to the workplace!

A New Way to Decorate

Whether it's a lonely shelf or a slightly sad bare patch of wall, the mini canvases are ADG's newest solution to providing versatility and options in design style and decor. And we'd love to see how you're decorating with them! Feel free to post pictures of your ADG mini canvas decor to our Google profile, or send us a message at support@AndersonDesignGroup.com. We'd love to see how you decorated with the new product!

Happy decorating,

-Ren Brabenec

Anderson Design Group Writing Staff

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