Introducing the NEW National Park Adventure Guide Book

Introducing the NEW National Park Adventure Guide Book

One of the unforeseen benefits of creating over 320 unique and original vintage poster designs of the 63 American National Parks is we've learned a lot about the parks! We research each park we create poster art of, and we try to visit each one too if we can. 

A few years ago, our creative team was wishing that the commonly available National Park Passport Books were more beautiful and user-friendly. ADG founder Joel Anderson had the idea to create a National Park Adventure Guide Book. So the creative folks at Anderson Design Group got busy designing a gorgeous, compact, user-friendly pocket-sized handbook that outdoorsy folks could take with them to the National Parks. That was back when there were only 59 National Parks. Since then, Congress has established 4 new parks—so we've had to keep updating our popular Adventure Guide books to stay up-to-date. The latest version includes recent park additions like New River Gorge National Park & Preserve, White Sands National Park, Indiana Dunes National Park, and Gateway Arch National Park.

Planing a park trip can be daunting—there is so much to see (usually in a short amount of time.) So that's why we made sure to include the basic facts about each park, a top-10 things to do list, space for notes or a stamp from the Visitor Center, plus something cool to commemorate each trip.

The National Park Adventure Guide Book - Launching the New 63-Park Edition

When Congress added the 63rd park—New River Gorge in January of 2021, we updated our handy book once again, adding a new spread with artwork, facts and things to do, plus a new commemorative sticker.

Better than ever and featuring useful tips and travel advice for each of the 63 National Parks, the updated version is also chock full of original ADG poster art, vintage designs, and National Park art. 

The New Edition features:

- A description of each of the 63 National Parks.

- Tips on things to do and fun activities in the parks.

- Extra space for note-taking and journaling.

- Fun facts about the parks.

- Travel advice, must-sees, and valuable tidbits about each park.

- Vintage poster art and ADG National Park art.

- A set of stickers and place markers, so you can place a sticker on the insert of a park every time you visit a new park!

One of the coolest features of the 63-Park Edition of the National Park Adventure Guide is that this handheld National Park guidebook serves as an excellent way to chronicle your adventures to the parks. Order a copy before you venture to your next park, and document each visit to the parks as you progress through the park roster!

The 4-Park Insert Pack - Update Your Adventure Guide to the 63-Park Edition

Since 2019, the United States Congress added New River Gorge National Park & Preserve, White Sands National Park, Indiana Dunes National Park, and Gateway Arch National Park to the park roster. If you ordered a National Park Adventure Guide, you might be wishing your guide included these four parks! 

You're in luck, as there's no need to buy the new edition! Our creative minds at Anderson Design Group put together an insert set, four sheets (and some stickers!) you can easily add to your current Adventure Guide. The four sheets feature the new National Parks, and the sheets are expertly designed to pop right into the wire-binding of your trusty old National Park guidebook. We're also adding a sticker sheet that features four stickers of the new parks and nine animal stickers of favorite animals you might find at the parks!

What makes the National Park Adventure Guide Book special is that you can use it for years to come to document your adventures to the National Parks. That's why, rather than you having to buy a new book every time a brand new park is designated and added to the roster, we're simply going to keep making insert sheets if Congress decides to designate new National Parks. We want you to use whichever edition of the Adventure Guide you bought for years to come!

Enjoy the National Parks and Don't Forget Your Adventure Guide!

A unique and convenient way to travel with compelling, inspirational art of the National Parks, this journal-like handheld guide is quite unlike any other National Park guidebook. We hope you will enjoy learning more about the parks, taking notes from your adventures, and using the stickers to cross off each new park you visit!

And as a final note, each year our team here at Anderson Design Group donates a portion of our annual profits to the National Park Foundation. When you purchase National Park art, vintage poster art, retro designs, illustrations, Nashville art, and other ADG products, you're supporting a local family of artists, and you're helping protect America's National Parks! And in the case of the National Park Adventure Guide, you're purchasing a valuable handbook for the National Parks and supporting your favorite parks at the same time!

We hope you enjoy the National Park guide book, and we'll see you on the trail!

-Ren Brabenec

Anderson Design Group Writing Staff

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