Jackson Hole, Grand Tetons, & Yellowstone

Jackson Hole, Grand Tetons, & Yellowstone

Upon arriving in this small city, an overwhelming peace takes over as the gray clouds hang low and mist fills the air. The snow-capped Grand Tetons command silence and awe all at once. But in Jackson Hole, you’re hardly looking up the whole time. The authentic western themed town beckons for you to stop in each little store, bakery, and hole-in-the-wall restaurant.


In my four days spent in Jackson Hole, I had seen two seasons grace the quiet and secluded city. Snow that fell was mute around Jenny Lake. It was as if the world turned black and white. The massive evergreen trees released their scent in the chilling air.





The following days exposed autumn in Wyoming. The blue sky and yellow trees complemented one another. The two-mile hike on Taggart Lake Trail is lead by a soundtrack of rushing water and in plain view of the lofty mountain skyline. Jackson Lake Lodge provides a full stretch view of the edgy highlands.


For a quick stop for coffee or pastries, Persephone Bakery is THE local patisserie to visit. Keep an eye out for their seasonal items and if you’re there in the fall, try the hot apple pie beverage and the fresh zucchini bread. The small white house makes you feel warm and at home amongst the local natives and tourists.

Taken from Instagram: @persephonebakery

Starting our trek to Yellowstone at 6 a.m., we were able to watch night slip away. In the early morning hours, the sun touched the peak of the Tetons, exuding pink and purple. Moose gathered just below, awaiting the sun. About an hour ride north of the Tetons lies Yellowstone National Park. Driving the loop around the park took about 4 1/2 hours, including stops at the Lower and Upper Falls, the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, and last but not least: Old Faithful. Seeing the inspiration for our artwork in real life gave an entire new sense of appreciation. It confirmed the beauty of the landmark and the design.


Found in the Yellowstone National Park gift shop was our National Parks coffee table book. I've seen this book a million times and have spread the word about it across our social media, but to see it outside of Nashville on the other side of the country was a completely different feeling. I felt pride and a more meaningful connection to these pages now being in this other-worldly place. 


Bison roam freely within the borders of the park and are seen often in their natural habitat between geyser stops. While they look friendly and huggable, they’re actually giant and can be very dangerous. (This was taken from a parking lot!)


Our car rides were often spent in silence or with soft music playing, accompanying the windy roads and the ever-presence of the mountains. It’s easy to see why people come here to retreat. Now having a personal experience with our artwork in Wyoming, I feel that sense of escape all over again.


You can find our artwork for Jackson Hole, Grand Tetons, and Yellowstone National Park in our American Cities Collection or in our National Parks Collection.

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