Keep Track of the New Year with Vintage Art & 2020 Wall Calendars!

Keep Track of the New Year with Vintage Art & 2020 Wall Calendars!

Call us "Calendar Nerds" if you will, but one of our favorite things about the New Year is—well, calendars. A nice, easy-to-read (and write on) wall calendar is something you will use almost every day of the year. And if it's gonna be up on your wall all year long, why not make it a rotating exhibit of 12 gorgeous pieces of art? (Sure, you could decorate with kittens, swimsuit models, or vintage cars, but nothing beats a curated selection of award-winning poster art!) That's why we at Anderson Design Group geek-out about creating new calendar designs every year—each one features artwork hand-picked from our most popular art collections. All of our calendars are printed on gallery-grade paper and fitted onto a nickel-plated spiral binding. Designed and printed in America by artisans—pure functional beauty for any home or office wall.

This year, we're offering no less than 10 different types of calendars, plus our ever-popular Build-Your-Own Calendar option. Each calendar is custom-printed using poster designs that YOU pick from any collection on our site. With over 1,800 original poster designs to choose from, this is truly one of the most personalized things you can buy for yourself (or for someone special.)

Ready to take on 2020? Don't start the year off without one of these beautiful time-keepers. Pick your favorite calendar and let the planning and scheduling begin!

Five Fantastic 2020 Wall Calendar Options...

Some of our 2020 calendars are made to order. Others were produced in bulk a few months ago to gear up for the holiday rush. Supplies are running low, and we have discounted a few of our bulk-printed designs to make sure they totally sell out in the next few weeks (kinda like sushi chefs—we want customers to enjoy our creations while they are fresh!)

1). 2020 Wall Calendar: National Parks. Featuring 12 of our most popular poster illustrations from our award-winning 61 American National Parks Collection, this calendar is a first choice for many. Measuring in at 10"x13" and decorated with our own, handcrafted artwork, this calendar also features plenty of space to take notes and plan for special events. And for a limited time, this beautiful time-keeper and wall decor item is on sale at 25% off!

2). 2020 Wall Calendar: National Parks by Kai Carpenter. A good friend and fellow art collaborator, Kai Carpenter has worked with us to create beautiful oil paintings of our country's National Parks. We then converted Kai's incredible paintings into poster illustrations, assembling 12 such illustrations onto a brand new, 2020 wall calendar. And like our other National Parks calendars, this beauty is also currently on sale at 25% off.

3). 2020 Wall Calendar: 2-Pack National Parks Bundle. Can't decide between two, National Park calendars? Get them both on a special bundle deal! You can use one for the home, the second for the office, or buy one for yourself and use the second as a gift for a friend! Each calendar is usually $29.99, but we bundled the two together for $42.99, about 30% off!

4). 2020 Wall Calendar: USA-Illustrated American Travel. This is a made-to-order calendar. Much of our inspiration for our vintage travel poster art comes from our own adventures across the United States. Each year we take trips to the far corners of this great nation, seeking inspiration and reference for our artwork. To kick off the new decade in style, we fashioned 12 of our most popular American Travel poster designs into a 2020 wall calendar. Each month features its own, classic design, printed on gallery-grade paper and meant to function as both a time-keeper and a lovely wall decor item all in one.

5). 2020 Wall Calendar: World Travel. This, too, is a made-to-order calendar. Working on exciting travel plans for 2020? What better way to stay motivated and inspired to see the world than with a 2020 wall calendar full of famous international travel destinations? Our World Travel Collection brings out the wanderlust in all of us. So we took 12 of our favorite designs from that collection and made them into a beautiful and helpful 2020 wall calendar. This calendar is the perfect wall decor item for a globe trotter, and it's a great way to keep track of the days and weeks leading up to the next big trip overseas!

Here's to a New Decade!

Check out all of our calendar design options on our site. Our team here at Anderson Design Group is excited to kick off the next decade. It's been one amazing year here at our Nashville art studio, and we have big plans for the next year. Let our calendars help you get prepared to dive into the new decade, organized and ready to make 2020 a great year! And if you need a belated Christmas gift, (better late than never!) be sure to check out our blog on handpicked gift ideas under $20, $25, and $40!

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