National Park Puzzles and Coloring Books - A Great Way to Get Creative While Social Distancing from Home!

National Park Puzzles and Coloring Books - A Great Way to Get Creative While Social Distancing from Home!

We are living in unprecedented times. Sadly, the nation is in the middle of a health crisis. Hundreds of millions of Americans across all fifty states are staying at home, quarantining, and social distancing.

We are all doing our part to beat this COVID-19 pandemic. But this has been more than just a public health response. This is also a powerful, moving, and inspiring act of solidarity. We know that when we don't interact with others, we slow and even prevent the spread of COVID-19. It's been incredible to see the American people come together and make so many sacrifices for the common good.

Here at Anderson Design Group, we are inspired and moved beyond description by everything that's going on. Our poster artists are currently hard at work creating poster art (from their homes, of course). Stay tuned to see what we release over the coming weeks. We're working on fantastic vintage art to add to our poster collections!

Meanwhile, we know that these are trying times, and we know that people need activities to keep them occupied while staying at home. We want to offer up our National Park puzzles, National Park coloring books, coffee table books, and other fun products to help keep you and your family entertained!

National Park Puzzles

Who would have imagined that puzzles would become as scarce and precious as toilet paper? Try finding them anywhere online right now! Pssst!—Although we have sold out of all of the 500-piece puzzles that our licensee True South Puzzle Co. has been able to supply us before their plant shut down due to the Pandemic, we have a stash of 2 lovely 100-piece puzzles. They feature gorgeous classic oil paintings by our friend Kai Carpenter. These 2 beautiful National Parks puzzle themes depict Yellowstone and Grand Teton in our vintage poster art style—and they measure an impressive 19x26 inches when assembled.

National Park Coloring Books

What better way to keep the kids entertained at home than with a coloring book? If your child is more prone to draw or sketch than work on a jig saw puzzle, a National Park coloring book might be the perfect gift to occupy their time for a spell. And better yet, all of our National Park coloring books offer an educational component, as the books include fun facts, quotes from famous nature lovers, and entertaining tips to get your little one excited about adventuring into the National Parks once they reopen. Each coloring book was created for use with crayons, colored pencils, colored pens, and felt-tip markers. Enjoy a day of coloring with the kiddos, or pick up one of these coloring books for yourself! All ages are welcome to draw and color to their heart's content.

We also created a special coloring book of one of our personal favorites, Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This coloring book features our vintage designs, redrawn and composed in such a fashion that adults and kids alike can color-in their favorite ADG illustrations!

Enjoy Your Favorite National Park from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Our talented poster artists have created original vintage designs for each one of the 62 American National Parks. You can decorate any way you like with these posters, as each design is available as an art print, stretched canvas, metal sign, notecard, postcard, or framed postcard.

In addition to our poster art, we've created playing cards, stickers, and journals—all on a National Parks theme.

Here are some of the conservation areas, park lands, natural areas, and wildlife preserves, depicted in our National Park coloring books, and coffee table books:

- Yellowstone National Park

- Grand Canyon

- Joshua Tree National Park

- Zion National Park

- Yosemite National Park

- Sequoia National Park

- Acadia National Park

- Bryce Canyon

- Rocky Mountain National Park

- Crater Lake

- Denali

- Arches National Park

- Big Bend National Park

- Olympic National Park

- Mammoth Cave

Gift Sets - The Perfect Gift to Make Staying at Home a Breeze

Do you know someone who's having a hard time staying at home for days on end? Our hearts go out to our neighbors and friends who are feeling the cabin fever set in. We created two gift sets in the hopes that we can pass on a little love in the form of vintage art to those we know who are struggling right now.

The first gift set is our 5-Piece Deluxe Gift Set. This set includes our Hard Cover National Parks Coffee Table Book, a Postcard Set (featuring one postcard for each National Park!), a deck of designer playing cards, and a National Parks coloring book. Perfect for all ages, this gift set is sure to keep your special someone busy for hours on end!

The second gift is our 3-Piece Junior Ranger Gift Set. This set includes our National Parks Coloring Book, the National Park Adventure Guide, and a deck of National Park playing cards. This set is the perfect gift for your favorite young explorer. It's a great gift to keep them occupied during quarantine and to get them excited about visiting the National Parks!

Staying Productive While Staying at Home

Staying home for weeks on end isn't appealing to most people, but we're doing so to keep our families safe and to reduce the burden on our public health and medical workers. And if we're able to enjoy vintage poster art, National Park puzzles, coloring books, playing cards, and other fun, creative, and artistic games in the process, then all the better!

We're all in this together. From our family to yours, have a safe and creative quarantine!

-Ren Brabenec

Anderson Design Group Writing Staff

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