New Dr. Pepper Hour Poster

A few months ago we were approached by Baylor University to create a poster to promote their Dr. Pepper Hour; an event that has taken place on campus each academic week for the past 60 years! What started as an informal gathering of students and teachers in 1953 has become a longstanding tradition. Dr. Pepper Hour, formerly known as Coke Hour, is held every Tuesday between 3pm and 4pm. Students, faculty, and staff come together and socialize while enjoying a refreshing Dr. Pepper float.

To commemorate the early beginnings of this special tradition, we knew we wanted to create something that felt appropriate for that time period. Yea, you guessed it, we went retro 50's! As usual, we started out sketching until we came up with three ideas that felt retro, light-hearted and whimsical (what's more fun than Dr. Pepper floats, right?)

Once the client picked a favorite, we created final art. Taking cues from old matchbook illustrations, we created a design that would work well in a limited color palette and simple shapes. After we finished the art, we used a little photoshop magic to give it a rough, screen-printed look. The final design was printed at 20x15.

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