Lane Motor Museum Poster

When we got a call from Lane Motor Museum asking if we could do a Spirit of Nashville poster we jumped at the chance. Being a fan of all things vintage we took a field trip down to the museum, cameras in hand.

Established in 2002 by Jeff Lane, the museum started with his personal collection of cars that he had bought and restored. Finding a swag location in the former Sunbeam Bakery at 702 Murfreesboro Pike, Lane Motor Museum unveiled it's collection to the public in 2003. One of the few museums specializing in European cars, Lane maintains all it's vehicles in running order. Great care is made to restore each vehicle to near-original specification. With 40,000 square feet and full of cars, there's a lot of history to be seen. 

Illustrator Aaron Johnson drew inspiration from the style of old Monaco racing posters, many of which hang in Lane Motor Museum. 

Aaron drew some dynamic scenes with cars from the museum. He started with rough concept sketches that we presented to the client with 3 different options for layout, cars, and style.

After settling on a single concept, we presented them three more options for typography and borders.


With the borders and typography figured out, we went back to the museum to shoot specific reference photos to get the right perspective and accurate details on the cars. 

Aaron then set out to render the poster in all it's glory, starting with the cars and working outward.

After all the handrendered type was done and all the elements were in place it was just a matter of finding the color scheme that fit the best and represented the cars well.

Now Lane has a new piece of chrome to show off in their museum, and we have a new car poster to add some bling to our Spirit of Nashville poster collection!

This print will be for sale in Lane Motor Museum’s gift shop in a few weeks. Meanwhile, you can see the print and framing optons at our Spirit of Nashville site.

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