Our Office and Studio Store Renovation

Call us crazy, but back in July, we decided to renovate our entire building—inside and out—while we kept working in the middle of the chaos. The goal was to transform our crusty old 70s-era office building into a hip multi-use hot spot of design and local culture. So we did a total makeover to create a warm and inviting retail space on the ground floor and a stylish design studio space on the 2nd floor. 

For the last 10 years, our place looked like an ordinary office building. The structure was easy to ignore—and that didn’t bother us because we were busy minding our own business, creating award-winning logos, packaging and design work for clients.

Once our classic prints and gifts started selling like crazy on Fab.com and on our own site, we realized that we needed to create a gallery space to showcase our creations. That idea grew into the Anderson Design Group Studio Store. To make our office building look more like a retail store from the street, we blew up our poster art and decorated the building with our favorite designs. We added warehouse lights for a classic feel, changed the paint color, and cut down some bushes and trees that had been obscuring the building. The results have been amazing in terms of foot traffic into the new space.

As the workers transformed the outside, another crew was busy gutting the interior. Phase 1 was to establish a new environment upstairs where our designers could spread out and be creative. The 2nd floor had been a storage area, and the designers were all on the ground floor sharing space with our first attempt at a retail store/showroom. (Our prints and gifts had started to become so popular that we constantly had customers dropping in to browse, ask questions, and hang out while we were trying to work on design projects for our clients! We really enjoyed the interaction, but it soon became counter-productive.) Sharing space like that wasn’t good for the design firm or our retail biz. So we split the operation in two by moving the design team upstairs, making room for a for-real retail space downstairs.

The upstairs design aesthetic is rustic, creative and casual. We love being in the South. (For years, we had to convince clients from New York and L.A. that Nashville was a cool place. Now everyone knows that!) We wanted to celebrate our Southern roots and evoke some Music City Charm in the colors, textures, and vibe of our new interior.

After we finished the upstairs renovation, we moved the design team up to our fresh new creative roost. It turned out to be a soothing, yet inspiring space ideal for collaborating. Each design station got a brand new ergonomic UpDesk (a swanky motorized adjustable height desk.) The model we chose (the UpWrite) has a dry erase surface! (These UpWrite desks are amazing, by the way! We love them so much, we want to be sure to give a shout out to the folks who produce them!)


We used reclaimed wood and sheet metal (Joel Anderson distressed it and made it look old and rusty) to give the space a nice comfy, Southern vibe. We made our conference room table from an old tree that was sawed down the middle. Everything we did was intended to create a more natural, re-purposed, and creative environment—right down to the coffee table made from 2 old retired G-5 Mac towers!

(Of course, Joel had to make room for his collection of toys.)

Once we moved into our new design studio space upstairs, we started Phase 2—gutting the ground floor so we could create the Anderson Design Group Studio Store and gallery space. It is now a proper showcase for all of our poster art, licensed products, fine art, and other cool hand-crafted items from our favorite local makers. (Everything we sell was designed and made in Tennessee.)

Founder Joel Anderson describes the store like this: "We wanted to create a truly Southern shopping and browsing experience that showcases the history, creativity and charm of Music City. We planned every detail to draw people into the space, captivate them with clever use of color, texture, space and craftsmanship, and give them something to take home or give to a client, friend or loved one.”


The newly transformed space is ideal for welcoming our design clients, groups of design students who want to tour the studio, and customers who love well-designed, locally-made gifts. Our vision for combining business-to-business design with design for consumers to enjoy has come together in a beautiful way.


The entire building now exudes a welcome Southern charm and encourages everyone who enters to be more expressive, creative, and joyful. If you want to go somewhere that will make you smile as soon as you walk in, come to 116 29th Avenue North in Nashville, Tennessee. We hope to see y’all soon!

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