Syracuse University: Orange Central

Syracuse University contacted us earlier this year to see if we would be interested in doing a poster series for their Orange Central Event happening in October. Syracuse is a university with a lot of history, and we all agreed that the vintage travel poster was the right vibe to celebrate their campus at the annual event. The series focused on four aspects of their school that they wanted to play up: the campus buildings, school spirit, making connections on campus, and last but not least–athletics. 

Each poster started with a lot of planning. We had to come up with a series that portrayed all the various aspects that would also work well when viewed together as a collection. Illustrator Aaron Johnson was put in charge of the series, and he hit the ground running with various concepts and sketches.

Each poster explored various typographic treatments and color schemes before arriving at the final version. The client was very involved in the process, giving feedback choosing from various options. 


Each poster has a story, having went through several stages of development. Some went through total overhauls and by the end each one had a life and a history of it's own. 

Waste not, want not. Sometimes you get partway though a design and it ends up changing directions. When that happens we like to hold onto designs that might prove useful for future posters. With parts leftover from the project Aaron built this vintage football poster to add to our growing collection of Americana art celebrating national pastimes.

After a long journey the Syracuse Orange Central poster series was complete. The client was very pleased with the work and even used parts and pieces of the posters in their brochures and banners for the event. A special thanks goes to freelancer Jordan Bickimer, who assisted Aaron on the Spirit poster when deadlines got tight.


The posters were so well received that their department asked us to create a shirt design using the artwork. Now you really can get in the orange spirit!

For any SU fans or alumni out there Syracuse is selling the posters of their site for $10 each or all four for $35. What a steal!

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