Pressers Playing Cards

Last year we were approached by Ellusionist, a company that makes playing cards and instructional videos for magicians. Wanting to branch out with the look of their cards they looked to us to create a vintage deck of cards based in 60s advertising. They were inspired by the hit TV series Madmen and we wanted to give them something that felt at home in that era of design.

Illustrator Aaron Johnson always has an ace up his sleeve. His first set of sketches left the client speechless.

The card backs probably had the most time devoted while we explored different looks to fit the art style. Aaron probably made over two dozen!

Thankfully the look of the Court cards (Jack, Queen, King) was decided early on. From that point on it became a matter of rendering out all twelve of them. They had to interlock perfectly so that when viewed from either top or bottom the design would mirror itself.

 This is the part where we typically show in progress shots of illustration but instead we pulled something new out of our hat. It's a video!


After a lot of illustrating all twelve court cards plus the ace and joker were finished. We suspect Aaron is secretly a smartly dressed robot.

With all the cards done we turned it back over to Ellusionist who made their own tweaks and finished out the box packaging. Take a look at the finished deck!

You can purchase a Pressers deck for yourself here on Ellusionist's website!

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