Puzzles Galore!

Puzzles Galore!

Just in time for the colder weather, we created 19 new puzzle designs to keep you occupied indoors! And if you're "puzzled" about what to buy the travel art lover or poster art enthusiast in your life, these puzzles make for great gifts!

Hand-rendered by the talented artists of Anderson Design Group, these visually stunning deluxe 500-piece jigsaw puzzles feature our most popular original designs and vintage poster art. The finished puzzles measure 18" x 24" when fully assembled, and each puzzle is shipped in a beautiful, hard-cardboard box to protect the puzzle pieces during transit.

Starting at just $29.99 and available in gift sets and collector's arrangements, you can collect these beauties one at a time or gift several of them at once!

19 New Puzzles Added to the Collection!

Our National Park puzzles and travel puzzles were a huge hit last year, so we rushed to release 19 new puzzle designs just in time for the holidays. Let's take a look at what's new in the puzzle department:

American Travel by Kai Carpenter. Featuring the brilliant and classic oil paintings of Kai Carpenter, this puzzle design offers a stunning collage of American travel, including eight iconic U.S. cities (New York, New Orleans, Chicago, Miami, Seattle, San Francisco, and Las Vegas). Perfect for the romantic traveler in your life!

American Travel: Iconic Cities. This puzzle design features some of the most incredible cities across America: New York, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Boston, and Las Vegas. Perfect for the family member or loved one who is always dreaming of the next road trip!

American Travel: Mid-Atlantic. Annapolis, Buffalo, Baltimore, Cape May, Washington, D.C., Richmond, Pittsburgh, and Philly, this 500-piece puzzle depicts some of the best travel destinations in the Mid-Atlantic.

American Travel: Mid-West. Ah the Mid-West. America's breadbasket and a center for industry and commerce, travel destinations in the Mid-West include historic cities like Detroit, Columbus, Chicago, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Cleveland, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee. This original puzzle design features them all!

American Travel: New England. Few places in the country offer as much history and stunning scenery as New England. This puzzle features eight classic New England American city designs, including: Boston, Newport, Montpelier, Cambridge, Hartford, Providence, New Hampshire, and Portland.

American Travel: South. Life is just different in the South, and now you can celebrate your favorite southern cities with this new puzzle art by Anderson Design Group. This design features memorable cities like Savannah, Charleston, Memphis, Biloxi, Louisville, Charlotte, Nashville, and Birmingham. 


American Travel: Southwest. Home to sprawling desertscapes and stunning cities, the Southwest is a popular American travel destination. And for the traveler in your life who just can't wait to visit this region, we have the perfect gift! This 500-piece jigsaw puzzle features cities like: Dallas, Sedona, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Antonio, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Tulsa.

American Travel: West. What could be better than a trip out West? And when you can't travel there, you can still assemble a vintage jigsaw puzzle complete with original art designs! This ADG puzzle features vintage poster illustrations of San Francisco, Denver, Portland, Jackson, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Helena, and Seattle.

Coastal Collection. Perfect for beach lovers, this sun-filled and surf-inspired puzzle features eight original ADG poster designs. Putting this puzzle together is sure to make one feel like they're on the beach!

Lake and Lodge. What better way to spend time at a lake house, cabin, cottage, or lodge than with a 500-piece vintage puzzle by Anderson Design Group? This puzzle depicts eight beautiful designs that are very fitting for those outdoorsy vibes.

National Parks by Kai Carpenter, Acadia-Capitol Reef. This puzzle features the original paintings and classic designs of Kai Carpenter, from Acadia National Park to Capitol Reef National Park!

National Parks by Kai Carpenter, Carlsbad-Smokies. From Carlsbad Caverns National Park to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, this puzzle depicts the hand-rendered oil on canvas paintings of Kai Carpenter.

National Parks by Kai Carpenter, Joshua Tree-Zion. Featuring original vintage National Park art, this National Parks puzzle depicts more of the stunning works of Kai Carpenter, from Joshua Tree National Park to Zion National Park.

National Parks by Kenneth Crane. Hand-rendered in the emotive and mysterious style of Kenneth Crane, this National Park puzzle is sure to provide endless hours of fun and remind puzzle builders of the beauty of the National Parks!

World Travel by Kai Carpenter. The perfect gift for the wanderlust-stricken world traveler in your life, this 500-piece puzzle features the wistful and romantic designs of oil painter Kai Carpenter. 

World Travel: Asia. Vintage travel art from the Far East! This 500-piece puzzle features eight original ADG designs, including: Bangkok, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Vietnam, Taipei, Kyoto, and Hong Kong. 

World Travel: Australia. Welcome to the Land Down Under! This Australia puzzle features eight original designs by Anderson Design Group's award-winning artists and illustrators. 

World Travel: Europe. The perfect gift for the misty-eyed, wanderlust-filled traveler friend or family member in your life, this European travel puzzle is sure to get your loved one thinking about their next trip overseas! 

World Travel: South America. Stunning and colorful, this vintage puzzle design features eight original ADG travel prints from South America.


Puzzle Gift Sets

In addition to releasing 19 new and original puzzle designs, we also created two special puzzle gift sets! These are:

Three National Park Jigsaw Puzzles by Kai Carpenter


Four World Travel Jigsaw Puzzles

These sets are the perfect holiday surprise for the National Parks lover in your life. The National Parks jigsaw puzzles in each set are sure to keep your loved one busy and engaged for hours to come! And if you have a National Parks traveler in your own household, what better way to keep the whole family entertained through winter than with jigsaw puzzles of the National Parks?

And one final note, once you've finished assembling your ADG puzzle, we'd love to see a picture of it! Feel free to post a picture of your completed puzzle to our Google Profile. Show that masterpiece with pride!

Until next time, happy puzzle assembling!

-Ren Brabenec

Anderson Design Group Writing Staff

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