SuperFan Transforms Home With ADG Travel Poster Art

SuperFan Transforms Home With ADG Travel Poster Art

Every now and then, one of our customers amazes us with the clever ways they use our designs to decorate. Long time ADG fan Kirk Johnson sent us photos of the canvases he bought to brighten the walls of his already lovely home. Here is our interview:

ADG: How did you discover our prints?

Kirk: After summiting Mt. Harvard (Colorado, 14,000 feet), the next day my college friend Jon and I enjoyed a hearty diner breakfast while sorting playing cards featuring Anderson Design Group. We made piles of places we've seen and places we'd like to visit. Even though I'd been aware of the great art from Anderson Design Group years earlier, the idea of decorating my living room featuring some of the prints was born! 

ADG: What do you like about our art?

Kirk: Each item conveys an emotion. Sometimes it's intrigue, sometimes it's a feeling of adventure; but there are always elements of both invitation and excitement. The designs are like great portraiture: exactly the minimum needed to illustrate the important features.

I also like seeing the artist(s) names on the website for each piece. Some day I'd like to meet them and hear what was on their minds and the process to create the visuals. Every day I feel like I have a new favorite. Sometimes it's our Amsterdam print, and sometimes it's Minneapolis or Seattle. I love Sochi too. Don't get me started otherwise this section won't end!

The Golden Age of Illustration styles are engaging -- I find myself drawn to them for the history and timeless balance. Every artifact has a story.

ADG: What was your inspiration for choosing the various designs?

Kirk: Our selections feature places my partner Lisa and I have visited. Now our living room has true "conversational art"! 

ADG: Why did you opt for canvases (vs. framed prints or metal signs?)

Kirk: As a musician with a loud piano in our living room, I needed art that had texture instead of hard surfaces.The canvas selections were perfect for better acoustics. Also, we have art lighting above each canvas, making them appear illuminated in the evening. A third reason is they resist unwanted light reflections. 


ADG: Please talk about your experience—from browsing our site, placing your order, receiving the products, to installing the art. 

> Browsing: super easy, really fun -- I used the search feature frequently. Because we live near the Great Lakes, I was able to select meaningful pieces that matched our general color scheme which was generally aquas, grays, and yellows.    
> Placing the order: every customer's dream...low-maintenance, good communications, and no surprises.
> Receiving the products: everything was packed properly with low packaging waste and I was able to recycle all the cardboard.
> Installing the art: with a level, tape measure, hammer, and small nails, I was able to get them all installed perfectly.  

      ADG: What advice do you have for anyone who might be inspired to decorate with their own personal travel history?

      Kirk: If you share living space with someone else, consider making the installation into a surprise event. My kids and I waited for Lisa to be gone for the day, during which time we installed new couch covers, drapes (for the first time in 8 years!), new rugs, replaced the furniture with old pieces I secretly refurbished, touched up the wall paint, and hung the new art. Instant transformation! She came home as we hung the last piece. Tears of joy. Sigh of relief...she loved it! If you have an open area where you can add to over time, like a hall space: a fun project would be to add an item every time you visit an area -- this is feasible because there are several standard sizes to select. 

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