Team ADG Introduces the 2021 Illustrated Guide to the Grand Circle!

Team ADG Introduces the 2021 Illustrated Guide to the Grand Circle!

We've hinted at it on social media, and we covered ADG founder Joel Anderson, ADG bookkeeper Patty Anderson, and author/historian Daniel Pierce's trip into the Grand Circle on our blog.

Now we are excited to announce the release of Anderson Design Group's newest book, the Illustrated Guide to the Grand Circle!

ADG Ventures Into the Grand Circle for Inspiration, Reference Photos, Notes, and Adventure!

All good books begin with an adventure, and the Illustrated Guide to the Grand Circle observes that tradition in full. Last spring, our trio traveled to southern Utah and northern Arizona, intent on exploring all that the Grand Circle has to offer.

And what came of their journey? A one-of-a-kind guidebook and coffee table book of the Grand Circle, the perfect combination of Daniel Pierce's writings about the Grand Circle and ADG's poster art and photography of the region.

Guidebook & Coffee Table Book in One

When Joel Anderson had the idea for a full-color guidebook of the Grand Circle, the vision was to create something that would also make a great coffee table book, gift, and souvenir. The Illustrated Guide to the Grand Circle has met that vision perfectly.

Because the book offers valuable information and multiple itineraries on different ways to enjoy the Grand Circle, plus deep-dive info on each Grand Circle attraction, the book functions as an excellent guide to one of America's most cherished natural regions. You'll want to take the book with you on your journey, as each chapter of the book offers pre-scouted insight on local hidden wonders, plus helpful directions and hand-drawn maps, as well as endless tips on how best to enjoy each National Park, State Park, National Forest, and National Monument in southern Utah and northern Arizona.

But the Illustrated Guide to the Grand Circle is not just a guidebook! With dozens of full-color original illustrations and vintage poster designs by Anderson Design Group's award-winning artists, the book is a piece of vintage-styled art all on its own. In addition to original illustrations and vintage posters, the book also includes dozens of stunning photographs captured by Joel Anderson, hand-rendered maps of the region, historical photos, fun facts, information on local businesses and nearby towns, and historical information about the region.

Hardcover and Softcover Editions of the Book

The hardcover edition of the Illustrated Guide to the Grand Circle certainly earns its place as the centerpiece of a living room, den, study, or family room. The book also makes a great gift for friends or family who are planning a trip to the Grand Circle, or as a souvenir for those who just came back from the Grand Circle and want something unique and special to remember the trip by.

But we didn't stop with just the hardcover edition. Would you be worried about wear and tear on your copy during an adventure out in the wild lands of Utah and Arizona? We certainly would, which is why we simultaneously launched a softcover edition you can take into the Grand Circle with you.

Famous Grand Circle Attractions; A Peek at What's in the Book

Next week we're going to introduce folks to some of our favorite icons of the Grand Circle, some of which are well-known and others of which are more off the beaten path. But for now, here's a quick look at some of the features of the book:

A rich history of the Grand Circle, meticulously researched and narrated by author and historian Daniel Pierce.

Multiple itineraries; boots-on-the-ground information on different ways to enjoy the Grand Circle in one-week and two-week time slots.

Maps, maps, maps! The book contains several illustrated maps of the Grand Circle, drawn to scale and with each attraction noted.

Information on the National Parks. The many National Parks in the Grand Circle are the gems of the region, the most well-known attractions of the area, and the most-visited.

Information on National Monuments and State Parks. Not only does the book offer a chapter on each National Park, but there are also sections on the different State Parks, recreation areas, National Monuments, National Forests, National Memorials, preserved wildernesses, and other nearby attractions.

Must-sees, fun facts, local flora and fauna, and interesting tidbits. While Joel, Patty, and Dan were exploring the Grand Circle, ADG team members back home dove in deep on researching the area, curating a wealth of informational tidbits that found their way into the final print edition of the book.

Vintage poster art of the parks. Since 2010, Anderson Design group poster artists have been creating illustrations of America's natural wonders, hand-rendered in the tradition of the vintage poster art of the early-20th century. This book features over 100 original designs and illustrations inspired by the Grand Circle.

Your Purchase Helps Conserve the National Parks and Natural Wonders You Love

Last but not least, we wanted to dedicate the Illustrated Guide to the Grand Circle to the National Parks and natural wonders that inspired the book, so we set up a fund where-in a portion of our profits from the sale of each book goes to the National Park Foundation. This way, your purchase helps support the invaluable conservation work and preservation efforts being carried out in the many natural areas protected by the National Park Service.

We hope you enjoy ADG's newest book release. May it fill you with wonder and joy for our beautiful natural world, and may it guide your footsteps on your journey to the Grand Circle!

From the pages of the book to the place itself, have an incredible journey,

-Ren Brabenec

Anderson Design Group Staff Writer

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