The Cicadas Are Coming!

In a few weeks, the East Coast of the USA will experience a natural phenomenon that only occurs once every 17 years—a mass emergence of billions of cicadas whose only purpose will be to tunnel out of the dirt where they have lived for 17 years to indulge in a short-lived “coming out” party. Emerging from their shells en masse, they will unfurl their wings, start making LOTS of noise, find a mate, lay some eggs, and then die.

As graphic designers, our job is to observe popular culture and the world around us, so we can speak visually in relevant ways. We communicate on an emotional level—creating eye-catching ways to promote an idea, a message, a service or a product. When we are not developing logos or designing packaging for our clients, we like to use our artistic talents for fun. And what could be more fun than heralding the most spectacular natural freak show most people will ever experience?

It happened to us 2 years ago in Nashville, Tennessee. A variety of 13-year cicadas emerged and invaded our region for a few very strange weeks, and it was just about the only thing anyone was talking about. We created and sold posters, postcards, ear plugs, coffee mugs, t-shirts and bobble heads to serve as souvenirs and keepsakes of this magically bizarre event. We tapped into the conversation of the moment—a feeling shared by more than a million fellow citizens in our area. And folks just ate it up. People bought our prints and gifts for themselves, or for folks who loved cicadas, and for those who were so disgusted or terrified that they refused to go out doors for days on end. We sold out of everything in a few weeks (thank goodness!)

After seeing how much fun everyone had with these history-marking prints and novelties, we decided to retool all of our art so that our neighbors to the North could have some fun, too. 

We have created an entire line of Brood II Cicada Invasion Survival Gear for our pals up north...

Check it out at:


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