The Votes are In! 2023 Achievements Our Customers Liked the Most

The Votes are In! 2023 Achievements Our Customers Liked the Most

2023 was a big year for Anderson Design Group. This year, the small family business doubled down on its commitment to customers and fans who've supported the business through the years and ensured that the creation of original poster art "keeps on-a-happenin'" at the local Nashville art studio.

The following are a few of the achievements ADG made in 2023, each with the intent to produce compelling, meaningful, unique, and original art that can be enjoyed for generations to come. Collaboration

ADG's original vintage poster art depicted on jigsaw puzzles has always been incredibly popular among our fans and customers, but a common request the team's customer service department has received is, "I'd love to see more design options available as puzzles!"

ADG's creative director Joel Anderson answered this request by collaborating with, a made-to-order puzzle manufacturer that can produce hundreds of different ADG illustrations in several puzzle formats—from 100-piece to 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzles. 

New Artist Collaboration

Most of ADG's vintage poster art, retro designs, and vintage-styled illustrations are made in-house, but Joel always has his eye out for artistic talent and creative styles that align with ADG's artwork.

Joel happened across the works of Mary Withers Kirkland, and, appreciating the artist's particular ability to capture emotive concepts and produce landscape illustrations that represent real-life settings but which depict them with a magical, almost fantasy-world aura, Joel offered Mary an opportunity to collaborate on a new series of National Park poster art!

Legends of the National Parks Coloring Book

The Legends of the National Parks Guidebook was immensely popular with customers, with the number one request from fans being, "Yes, but where's the coloring book version??" Joel and his team of artists answered the call by taking the original art, cryptid art, and National Park art depicted in the Guide Book and redrawing the compositions in coloring book format.

The result? Forty-eight coloring pages featuring 38 legendary monsters from American National Parks, plus ten mythical creatures from around the world. ADG also included 12 full-color pages with reference imagery of the original poster designs, plus maps, artist's sketches, and monster info.

New Poster Art for the Missouri Division of Tourism

In March 2023, ADG founder Joel Anderson got an email from Aaron Fuhrman, a photographer who works for the Missouri Division Of Tourism. Aaron and his team were interested in commissioning a poster series of travel art that would celebrate the beauty, culture, and history of the Show-Me State. Joel agreed with enthusiasm!

Aaron invited Team ADG to access a treasure trove of gorgeous photos so ADG's award-winning poster artists and illustrators could list 20 sites in Missouri that would translate well into ADG's classic poster art and retro art style. Then, the team got to work crafting beautiful original renditions of Missouri state parks, natural wonders, iconic cities, and beloved cultural sites. Creating original art of Missouri took about eight months to complete, and the resulting body of work does make one want to Visit Missouri!

Poster Art Commemorating the World's Most Popular Hiking Trail and Pilgrimage

Anderson Design Group is always looking for ways to celebrate aspects of the natural world that have particular significance and meaning, places that are both physically beautiful and historically meaningful. So, when Joel heard the Camino de Santiago was not only the most popular hiking trail in the world but also a historic pilgrimage trail dating back over 1,000 years, he knew the team had to commemorate the trail in travel art.

Working with his collaborating artist Steven Garcia, who happens to live and work remotely from Spain, Team ADG created a beautiful series of posters. This collection of poster art celebrates the trail by depicting unique locations on the trail, visually stunning places that are historically and spiritually meaningful.

New Artwork for National Monuments and More on the Way!

The 63 Illustrated American National Parks Collection is ADG's best-selling collection, but customers and fans from across the country have asked ADG to create original poster art and vintage travel art of some of America's other lesser-known but no less beautiful and important nature spaces.

The National Park Service manages 428 sites, so in 2023, Joel launched a project to expand the American National Monuments and Natural Wonders collection to include some of the beautiful places in the nation that may be less well known but which are equally deserving of celebration and poster art depictions.

Over 3,000 Original Poster Designs Created!

In 2023, ADG hit the milestone of creating over 3,000 original poster designs! Located in the 33 art collections, the over 3,000 individual illustrations, retro designs, and vintage-styled posters are each a testament to the beautiful places, people, animals, activities, food, beverages, and settings that inspire ADG artists.

Home Accents Collection Now Available

Another popular request fielded by ADG's customer service department has been customers asking to see ADG art on home accent items like pillows and blankets.

It made sense in theory; ADG art looks great as wall decor, so why not as throw pills and plush blankets? It took some creative ingenuity and clever collaborations, but 2023 saw ADG launch the Home Accents Collection, the one-stop shop for cozy pillows and blankets featuring National Park art.

New Portfolio Website Featuring ADG's Custom Design and Illustration Work

Most customers know ADG for its poster art and vintage travel art, but ADG's design, illustration, branding, package design, hand-lettering, and product development clients are always telling the artists they should promote their incredible works more, so ADG created a new website dedicated to the studio's contract work with other businesses and brands! This website has five pages worth of projects ADG has been honored to work on with clients across Tennessee and beyond.

World Travel Collection Features Most Comprehensive Depictions of Earth's Countries!

The team hasn't had this independently confirmed yet, but we're sure ADG has just created the single most comprehensive collection of art of countries yet! Yes, the World Travel collection has 431 original posters, with more on the way!

The collection was launched in 2010, and 14 years later, the collection now features original illustrations of over 190 world nations, with several nations featured in two, four, even six or seven original illustrations. This collection is a beloved favorite among travelers, as it enables them to purchase a poster for every country they've been to (and every country they wish to visit soon!)

Here's to an Incredible 2024!

2023 was a great year, and all the staff couldn't be more thankful for the support of customers across the country and the world. Every poster and product purchased ensures the ADG studio will continue making artwork, fun products, and gifts for years to come.

Here's to an incredible New Year.

-Ren Brabenec
Anderson Design Group Staff Writer 

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