J.M. Thomason Spices

It's been a good season for packaging at ADG, pun intended. This particular project we cooked from the ground up starting with the logo. Designers Ligia Teodosiu and Edward Patton came up will several good options.   Ligia finished out the final logo design. The client ended up using two; one main logo that spelled out the full name, and an abbreviated button for use on the front of the packaging.  The packaging ended up being a team effort. Ligia developed the look of the package and the first three flavors, and Aaron developed the illustrations for the remaining flavors...

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Pressers Playing Cards

Last year we were approached by Ellusionist, a company that makes playing cards and instructional videos for magicians. Wanting to branch out with the look of their cards they looked to us to create a vintage deck of cards based in 60s advertising. They were inspired by the hit TV series Madmen and we wanted to give them something that felt at home in that era of design. Illustrator Aaron Johnson always has an ace up his sleeve. His first set of sketches left the client speechless. The card backs probably had the most time devoted while we explored different...

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Syracuse University: Orange Central

Syracuse University contacted us earlier this year to see if we would be interested in doing a poster series for their Orange Central Event happening in October. Syracuse is a university with a lot of history, and we all agreed that the vintage travel poster was the right vibe to celebrate their campus at the annual event. The series focused on four aspects of their school that they wanted to play up: the campus buildings, school spirit, making connections on campus, and last but not least–athletics.  Each poster started with a lot of planning. We had to come up with a...

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Our Office and Studio Store Renovation

Call us crazy, but back in July, we decided to renovate our entire building—inside and out—while we kept working in the middle of the chaos. The goal was to transform our crusty old 70s-era office building into a hip multi-use hot spot of design and local culture. So we did a total makeover to create a warm and inviting retail space on the ground floor and a stylish design studio space on the 2nd floor.  For the last 10 years, our place looked like an ordinary office building. The structure was easy to ignore—and that didn’t bother us because we...

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Vince Gill and Paul Franklin: Bakersfield

Sometimes opportunity comes knocking. Sometimes it comes charging at you in a bull horned convertible. When asked to do a Vince Gill Album cover out of the blue, how could we refuse? The only catch: we had to get it done in about a week.  The album itself is a collection of cover songs by Vince Gill and Paul Franklin paying tribute to the Bakersfield genre of country music. We already had a rough concept in mind involving a car driving under the iconic Bakersfield Sign in California.   Less than a week from the deadline, a trip out to...

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