The Mod Collection

We have enjoyed creating classic poster art for a long time. Over the years, most of our prints have been inspired by illustrations from the Golden Age of Poster Art—a period which spanned from the later 1800s to the mid-1900s. Recently, we started admiring mid-century modern design—especially illustrative advertising, fashion design, and travel posters from the 1950s and 60s. In that era, designers were trying to distance themselves from tradition. Mod was in. Anything old was out. Nature wasn’t good enough, either—man-made shapes and lines replaced organic, realistic or traditional styles. The modern aesthetic reinterpreted everything from clothing, typography, architecture,...

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Wall Calendars: A Date with Destiny

Have you seen our new 2013 wall calendars? If you ever wondered how Anderson Design Group became so obsessed with poster art and calendars, read on... For many years, we dabbled in creating quirky self-promotional gifts, brochures, mailers, etc. to show off our design and illustration skills. We also fiddled around with making gifts that we could send our clients as tokens of our appreciation for their business. After producing Millennium Bug Survival Kits in 1999 (which included necessities that people would need if the world descended into chaos,) we decided to make our next self-promo/gift something that folks would...

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Cover and Interior Illustrations for the Nashville Scene

The Nashville Scene is a hip, weekly publication that Music City locals read for news and reviews. As a free news magazine, the Scene survives on advertising, eye-catching covers, and interesting content that will make people stop, pick up an issue, and read through the entire publication. Priority #1 is a cover design that will grab passers-by and make them take a magazine off of the rack. Content and flow must then hold the reader’s interest and compel them read the issue cover to cover.  The biggest Nashville Scene issue each year is the Best Of Nashville edition. Every year,...

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Painting the Town Red (and Blue)

A few weeks ago, we got an interesting inquiry from the Community Arts Center in Danville, Kentucky. Danville will be host to one of the upcoming Vice-Presidential debates. The Community Arts Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating arts opportunities such as art exhibits, community events, and arts education. Their building has multiple galleries for viewing art displays, a Grand Hall for hosting community events, and multiple rooms for classes in dance, drawing, music, and more. They decided to get involved in the general sprucing-up that has been happening all over Danville in preparation for the Vice Presidential debate...

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Denny's Tour of America

We have been selling our classic American travel posters in flash sale events on since summer of 2011. This national exposure—in addition to selling them on our own site—has caught the attention of art directors from some big national ad agencies. When the agency for Denny’s Restaurants (Erwin Penland) saw our classic American illustration and design work, they asked us if we could help them create a new look for the Denny’s Tour of America menu. Each summer, Denny’s creates new all-American dishes for their menu, and they give it a travel theme. It made perfect sense to marry...

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