New Wine Revolution Posters

It’s fun to create a new brand and watch it develop over time. Last year, we started with a logo design for our client the Wine Shoppe. Next, we helped create the look of their web site and store graphics. Then we designed a few ads and even created 5 wine prints to include in our Spirit of Nashville Collection. As the brand evolved, we made sure to keep a lush, rustic, inviting, European vibe in every piece we created. This year, the owners of the Wine Shoppe wanted to launch a campaign called the Wine Revolution. The goal is...

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Spirit of Nashville Donates Commemorative Flood Prints to the City

After the 1-year anniversary of the Great Nashville Flood, we met with Nashville Mayor Karl Dean to present him with 3 jumbo canvas prints of our Spirit of Nashville flood relief designs. We wanted to thank him for his leadership during a very challenging time and commemorate the strong character displayed by Music City during and after the flood.   Joel Anderson, founder of Anderson Design Group and the Spirit of Nashville Collection wanted to give the city a set of these prints so the art could be displayed in a public area where all of Nashville would be able...

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Limited Edition Great Southern Brood Prints

The Great Southern Brood poster series, part of the Cicada Invasion! product line, was silk screened as a limited edition 18" x 24" collection and was created by staff designer/illustrator Andy Gregg. The three poster series receives its title from the nickname for Brood 19, the specific group of cicadas that emerge every thirteen years in the Mid South by the millions. Each poster design is limited to 30 numbered and signed prints printed by Kangaroo Press. We got to stop by Kangaroo Press's workshop as Ryan Nole, founder and owner of Kangaroo Press, was finishing up our posters. He...

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Crazy New Cicada Invasion Campaign

Every 13 years, Nashville is invaded by billions of noisy, flying red-eyed critters that emerge from the ground when the temperature reaches 67 degrees for a week. The cicada grubs tunnel up from the deep, climb trees, split out of their shells, sprout wings, and then make an infernal racket for about 4-6 weeks. Their sole purpose is to sing, fly, mate, lay eggs, and then die. This year, experts say it will happen around the end of April or early May.    The last time this happened was 1998—and it was truly apocalyptic. At that time, Joel Anderson (founder...

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Progress on Spirit of Franklin Poster Art

We've been working on the first six posters for the Spirit of Franklin/Leipers Fork Collection, but six more are still undecided. We plan on having the a total of twelve done by summer, so don't forget to contact us on Facebook (or comment below) soon and let us know which Franklin landmarks you would like to see poster-fied!  The first six are (at least for now): Franklin Town Square Battle of Franklin Franklin Theatre  Carnton Plantation The Factory  Leipers Fork Downtown   Below are some of the thought process/development on the Franklin Town Square poster.   After starting with the...

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